Improve your team’s reputation and collaboration

Research shows that teams that receive 360° feedback have a clearer view of how they are perceived by others and more focus on team development.

(Nowack & Mashihi, 2012)

360° Team feedback increases performance

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”, says leadership expert Ken Blanchard. But how can you effectively give and receive feedback as a team leader to really make progress? And how do you know if you work well as a team, not only according to your own members, but also according to the people you work with? The (annual) performance reviews are often inadequate!

2DAYSMOOD has therefore developed an innovative 360° team feedback measurement; a proven method for more self-awareness, effectiveness and productivity in teams.

How does the 360° feedback module work?

Organizations use 2DAYSMOOD to measure and improve the mood, satisfaction and engagement of their teams. This way the work environment is being improved from an internal perspective. With the 360 ° team feedback module you can retrieve additional and targeted feedback from both internal and external parties. Via an easy online survey you ask your most relevant stakeholders questions about the functioning of your team, expectations, division of roles, and concrete areas for improvement. Think of feedback providers such as partners, customers, colleagues from other departments, board members and the team members themselves. Within one week your team will receive the results and can start developing and taking action!

Research shows that adding an external perspective via a 360° team measurement is effective. Team members get the insight to set clear, measurable and specific goals.

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360° team feedback is a proven method

(Nowack & Mashihi, 2012)

Research by Nowack & Mashihi shows that teams that receive 360° feedback have a clearer view of how they are perceived by others. They are therefore more inclined to set transparent, measurable and specific goals.