Measure work stress

How can you measure work stress?

Light work stress is quite normal on the work floor. It can even have some positive effects. Longterm stress though, comes with a risk of lower productivity and decreased wellbeing of employees.

2DAYSMOOD measures work stress with emotions as indicators. Do your employees feel tense or frustrated? Continuous insight in emotions helps to discover premature work stress and makes prevention possible.

Awareness for work stress

By using the anonymous 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD we have been able to get a clear view on essential topics for our employees. Subjects like happiness at work, stress and job satisfaction are now much easier to discuss.”


Simon Klop
Managing Partner, YSE

Prevent work stress with satisfaction

Contact with our expert

This is Robin van der Meulen, our Strategic Happiness Expert. “Inspired by positive psychology, it is my passion to help organizations create a happier workplace and a positive company culture. In a modern and innovative manner. So, if you want to explore happiness and engagement in your organization you have come to the right place!”

Robin van der Meulen
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10 Tips to prevent work stress

Do you know when your own stress level is (too) high? Or how you, as employee or manager, can take preventive actions towards negative energy at work?

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How to recognize employee satisfaction in your organization

How dissatisfied, satisfied or engaged your employees are can be a huge factor in the overall work ambience and team performance levels. Let me introduce you to three types of employees.

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15 Steps for more employee engagement and happiness

Several academic studies point out that people who experience high levels of happiness and engagement at work, are not only more productive, energetic and creative, but also less prone to stress and burn-outs.

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