HR managers and executives are at the beginning of a major challenge. Recently they have experienced how their organization copes with a global crisis. Now is the time to learn from the past and look to the future, in which the data-driven, people-oriented professional plays a fundamental role.

Continuous insight into the happiness of remotely-working employees and their organizational climate, helps (HR) leaders in planning scenarios and designing a future-proof culture. This is also the opinion of the Dutch national covid-19 think tank: “Employers should investigate and optimize the remote employee experience”.

In 2019 and 2020 (during the corona outbreak peak from February until May), more than 40 organizations in the Netherlands collected data about the happiness and engagement of their staff. Every week an average of 2,800 employees and managers answered questions via the 2DAYSMOOD pulse survey tool. We can draw valuable lessons from this aggregated data.

– How do employees and managers feel during work? In 2019 and the covid period?
– Which factors determine work happiness? How satisfied are we with them?
– What has changed about these factors during the covid period?
– To what extent are employees ambassadors for their organization (eNPS)?
– Are employers valued more or less in times of crisis?
– What topics are on the agenda of HR in the future?


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“It is safe to say that (part-time) remote working will remain. As a result, the enthusiasm and energy of employees is under enormous pressure. But managers seem to have a larger energy buffer. It is up to them, now more than ever, to apply servant leadership. Ask employees what they need and implement it. The feeling of being really listened to will increase employee excitement.”

Arjen Banach, Keynote spreker and Organizational Futurologist

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