Employee Moods impact Performance, Loyalty and Culture

Measure weekly in 15 seconds employee moods and their drivers receive real time people and culture data. Our IT customer reduced Employee Turnover in 13 months by 60%, by…

 Quantifying their culture with people data in a fast, easy & fun process
  Understanding where to focus actions based on specific real-time data
  Being transparent about moods & data acting on the given feedback!

Improve your business results through happy and engaged employees

Is your culture at its most positive and productive, with low employee turnover and absenteeism?

  Quantify culture with realtime analytics
  Connect the data to business KPI’s
  Take action for work happiness

Return On Investment with 2DAYSMOOD can be over 1,000%


lower employee turnover


less sick leave


less burnouts

Employees’ moods and drivers are contagious and impact the work culture and company performance. 2DAYSMOOD is a scientifically proven measuring method, that enables you to continuously analyze all factors of employee excitedness and engagement. The more inspired and engaged the employees, the more discretionary effort they will give and “wow” the customer while performing at a higher level.

Change employee moods… change your culture…change your business results!

2DAYSMOOD will change your culture acting on real time data. How you ask?

2DAYSMOOD-werkgeluk-icon  Show appreciation by checking in with employees weekly
2DAYSMOOD-werkgeluk-icon  Increase the dialog between managers and employees discussing the results
2DAYSMOOD-werkgeluk-icon  Create more transparency sharing results with employees
2DAYSMOOD-werkgeluk-icon  Data shows where to focus and will prioritize based on what is most important to the employee
2DAYSMOOD-werkgeluk-icon  Employees have a personal dashboard and resource center to work on themselves personally and professionally with videos, articles and case studies


More sales success





Data-driven insight for Management, HR and Teams

Why 15 seconds each week?

How incredible would it be to have your people and culture vital signs available 24/7? Living data on work stress, moods, employee net promoter score (eNPS), 15 vetted culture data points, participation rates, employee desired benchmarks in the 15 culture areas, 360° team feedback. Create your customized feedback teams on your organizational structure and sort data by desired employee demographics

 Superfast anonymous survey-15 seconds or less

 It is fun to take with 70% average response rate!

Data is in real-time

Available on award winning app

Action platform for managers to take actions on data

”Gaining continuous insight into your corporate culture, getting targeted feedback and seeing trends, that is really valuable. “ Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Koninklijke Rotra Groep

“Now that we use the 15 second survey on a weekly basis, we seem to get a better grasp of the work pressure experience and the drivers that shape our culture.” Emma Sluman

Project leader sustainable employability, ProRail

“The method just works. You can easily indicate how you feel at work and why, and compare that with the mood in your team. ” Lydia Quirschfeld

Senior Coordinator, Gartner

2DAYSMOOD is disrupting the yearly survey

No annual snapshot, but superfast, reliable and scientifically validated

“The power of 2DAYSMOOD lies in the simplicity of the 15 second survey, in combination with the scientific substantiation of the method.”

Fieke Horsten, Project leader vitality at A&O fonds Gemeenten

“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in 5 months and we continue to see a positive trend!”

Robin Gerritsen, Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team

“I think it’s great that with such a continuous measurement you can zoom in on certain things, that you can respond immediately if you observe something. Simply showing interest already has a huge impact. ”

Hans de Man, CEO, Soltegro

“2DAYSMOOD made current topics clear to our employees. Topics such as work happiness, stress and satisfaction have become much more accessible to discuss. ”

– Simon Klop, Managing Partner, YSE

“Compared to the baseline measurement, we have had a fantastic year. Our employee Net Promoter Score has improved from 16 to 35. I think that is a huge compliment. ”

Hans de Man, CEO, Soltegro

“Over a longer period we saw the effect of changes in the organization. 2DAYSMOOD has a positive influence on the mood and engagement of employees.”

Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn, HR Manager, Batenburg Techniek

“We have worked closely with 2DAYSMOOD. An equal partner who is always willing to think along.”

Rianne Klemann, West Regional Manager, Randstad

“The look and feel of the tool is happy and the data is really usable. Through continuous feedback and separate teams you know exactly what you can do to improve”

Rita Blankenberg, HR Business Partner Digital, Gemeente Alphen aan den Rijn

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