eNPS: Measure and improve your Employer Brand and Reputation

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) shows to what extent employees are ambassadors for their own employer. The validated formula maps the internal reputation, whereby a high-valued reputation or employer brand indicates many intrinsically motivated employees. And these are important for stakeholders within and outside the organization.

The benefits of intrinsically motivated employees to an organization

Intrinsically motivated employees are inspired and engaged. They are enthusiastic, love the organization, and run just a bit faster than the rest. They also radiate this enthusiasm to the outside world. By doing so, they manage to introduce an above average number of new talents to the company. Research also shows that organizations are increasingly deploying inspiring employees in the recruitment of new staff. In short, employees who love the organization are the driving forces and ensure infectious energy and growth. Organizations with a relatively high amount of intrinsically motivated and engaged employees pull in 2.5x more revenue compared to competitors with low engagement levels (Hay Group).


Engaged employees have 180% more energy at work


With engaged employees, productivity increases by 45%

Why do you need the eNPS for employer branding?

Every organization is an employer brand. Your organization has a reputation for both current and potential employees. The eNPS shows the status of that employer brand among its own employees. The eNPS is an internationally validated method in which employees assess on a scale of 0-10 how likely it is that they will recommend their organization as a good employer. Answers are divided into 3 groups: detractors (scores 0-6), passives (scores 7-8), and promoters (scores 9-10).

To earn a good internal and external employer reputation and brand, you can use the eNPS to gain insight and benchmark. In this way, you can find out where the detractors and promoters are located, why that is, and how you can improve your employer branding efforts. Read more about how the eNPS works.

This CEO improved his eNPS with 2DAYSMOOD!

Hans de Man, CEO Soltegro

“Our eNPS has risen from 16 to 35. I think that is a huge compliment. It means that more and more of our employees are becoming ambassadors for Soltegro.”

Improve employer reputation with eNPS measurements

With the 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD, you can repeatedly measure the eNPS of your organization. In addition to this KPI, we also use our realtime tool to monitor moods and employee engagement levels. The eNPS is thus incorporated in our complete innovative measurement method that helps you improve your employer reputation, company culture, or guide you through difficult change processes. With 2DAYSMOOD you can continuously analyze the trends and improvements of the eNPS and other scores in smart dashboards, at team and organization level.

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Realtime insight in employee engagement?

This is possible with our super fast online survey, weekly reports, and realtime analysis dashboards. You can create your desired feedback loop at team, department and organization level.

What else can you do with 2DAYSMOOD? Think of monitoring stress levels, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score, measuring vitality, and stimulating employee happiness through e-learning. We are happy to show you all the options!

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