Measure and improve your eNPS

What is the eNPS score?

The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is an internationally validated formula that consists of only one question. Employees are asked to rate on a scale of 0-10 how likely they are to recommend organization ‘X’ as a good employer. The answers are then divided into 3 categories: detractors, passives, and promoters.

To earn a good employer reputation both internally and externally, you can use the eNPS to gather insight and benchmark. Detect where the detractors are in your organization and reward the promoters! With the 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD you can continuously measure the eNPS of your organization.

How to measure the eNPS

Besides moods and employee engagement, our realtime method measures the extent to which employees would recommend their employer. The eNPS score can be measured repeatedly. You can use our smart dashboards to analyze the trends and improvements regarding this score on a team and organizational level.

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eNPS score as a KPI

5 Tips to take action on your eNPS 

How do you start improving your eNPS score? In order to see a steady upward trend, it would be suggested to turn the eNPS into a company goal or KPI. The average eNPS score of the Netherlands in 2018 is…

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Soltegro: ‘Our eNPS has increased from 16 to 35.’

CEO Hans de Man got increasingly less insight into the satisfaction of his employees as his company kept growing. He decided to follow his own motto: Simplify Complexity.

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Why organizations will stop using the annual engagement surveys

Do your annual employee engagement surveys always feel like a hassle? This is almost always caused out of frustration at the traditional ways of measuring. The surveys are boring and more importantly…

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Why your eNPS is a KPI, but not an external benchmark

Our HR expert Martin Meulenkamp answers 3 frequently asked questions; How does the eNPS work? How to benchmark with the eNPS? And what does the eNPS score mean in reality? (And how is this related to golden chains?)

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Contact with our expert

This is Martin Meulenkamp, our HR and employee engagement expert. “It is our opinion that internal benchmarking – values that were raised by your employees – should be highest on your priority list. But there is one external benchmark that definitely deserves your attention: the Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of your employees. Are your employees loyal ambassadors? Gain insight with our 15 second survey”


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How to recognize employee satisfaction in your organization

The level of dissatisfaction, satisfaction, and excitement of your employees can have a great impact on the work environment and company success. Let us introduce you to three employees that are also present in your organization.

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No KPI is as important as the eNPS score

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