Online Consultation: Open consult for all your questions about 2DAYSMOOD


By Kirsten van Enk | 18/02/2021

Do you have a question about 2DAYSMOOD or a nice experience you would like to share?

You can! We organize an online consultation hour every two weeks on Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (CET). Here you can talk to other 2DAYSMOOD managers and administrators about 2DAYSMOOD related questions and experiences that you have.

What do you learn during the online consultation hour?

You can join our online consultation hour with all your questions. Maybe you would like some more information about our Remote Experience survey, or maybe you have a specific question about the new release of our online dashboard. Everything is possible! You can look at the online consultation hour as an open consultation in which our HR & Employee Happiness expert Robin van der Meulen will guide you and answer all your questions. You will gain new knowledge, tips and insights that will inspire you to get to work with 2DAYSMOOD as well as possible. You will also meet like-minded professionals and (other) customers of 2DAYSMOOD.

When can you join?


  • Thursday 15 july
  • Thursday 29 july


  • Thursday 12 august
  • Thursday 29 august


  • Thursday 9 september
  • Thursday 23 september


  • Thursday 7 october
  • Thursday 21 october


  • Thursday 4 november
  • Thursday 18 november


  • Thursday 2 december
  • Thursday 16 december

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Who will you be talking to?


Robin van der Meulen
Chief Happiness Officer, +31 616 419 550, 2DAYSMOOD
Robin is a passionate HR & Employee Happiness expert. Every day she draws her inspiration from positive psychology and helps directors and team managers to take action on a positive working environment and organizational culture. She does this in an innovative “data driven” way together with her colleagues from 2DAYSMOOD.

So, as a manager or administrator, do you have an urgent question about 2DAYSMOOD or a nice experience that you would like to share with us and other customers? Then we hope to see you in our next online consultation hour!

Save the Zoomlink in advance