2DAYSMOOD Customer Stories

Increase work happiness, create ambassadors, reduce stress, prevent personnel costs? Read here how we helped our customers create a better working environment. Want to read more best practices? Then download our free handout!

The story of Tempo-Team

Managers’ awareness leading to employee happiness!  


How 2DAYSMOOD helped increase employee happiness from 66% to 80%!
8 Management trainees of Tempo-Team recruitment agency (Netherlands) thought it was time their organization would start paying attention to employee happiness. Accompanied with intrinsic motivation and great passion they made it their mission to get employee happiness on the strategic agenda of the board. They aimed to positively affect, among other things, the enthusiasm of their colleagues and teams. Together with 2DAYSMOOD, they wanted to discover the ultimate key to increase happiness at work through an intervention experiment!

The story of a technology company

Increased internal reputation via the employee Net Promoter Score


How 2DAYSMOOD helped improve the eNPS from -80 to -11!
At a technology company (84 employees) that had just started with 2DAYSMOOD, the baseline measurement of engagement unfortunately showed very poor results. The company turned out to have an overall eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) of -28. One department even showed a score of -80 on eNPS, meaning that 80% of their employees were detractors (they would NOT recommend their company as an employer to others)! The director decided that this could no longer go on and that something had to change. 

The story of Soltegro

Happy ambassadors in a Dutch IT company 


How 2DAYSMOOD increased total happiness level from 72% to 77% in six months!
As a Dutch IT company (45 employees) continuously grew in recent years, the CEO of the company started to lose insight into the satisfaction of his employees. To regain this important insight, he decided to follow the motto of his company – Simplify Complexity – and start working with the realtime measurement method of 2DAYSMOOD.

How can you use 2DAYSMOOD?

Think of monitoring stress levels, measuring employee involvement, detecting dissatisfaction, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score and stimulating work happiness through E-learning. We are happy to show you everything!

You can use our super fast online survey, weekly reports and real-time analysis dashboards. In this way you create your desired feedback loop on a personal, team, department and organizational level.

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