Science as a basis, happiness at work as a profit

Knowledge- and data driven improvement

Collect the right data efficiently, understand the insights, and take action to improve the happiness and engagement of your employees with scientifically supported solutions from 2DAYSMOOD.

Our approach combines scientific collaborations with practical experience and customer insights to formulate the right questions and insights. This enables management to make well-informed decisions and empower employees to be their best.


Employement lifetime measurement

Our scientific model

The main pillars of our methodology are the Russels Circumplex model and the Employee Happiness Model. With the Russels Circumplex model, we measure the mood and stress within the organization. The Employee Happiness Model assesses underlying reasons for mood but also measures satisfaction and engagement. The Employee Happiness Model is scientifically based on the Job Demands-Resources theory (Bakker & Demerouti, 2006) and Herzberg's motivation theory. Additionally, all motivations are substantiated in various scientific studies concerning job happiness, turnover and absenteeism.

4 dimensions that determine job satisfaction:

With the Russels Circumplex model, we measure the mood and stress in the organization. 2DAYSMOOD can make a positive contribution to organizations through continuous mood measurement. With our solution, you get valuable data on the mood of employees and the underlying reasons at the team level. Employees give their feedback 100% anonymously, in 15 seconds and with a fun ending.

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15 universal factors of engagement and job satisfaction.

2DAYSMOOD has conducted research with the University of Utrecht on the universal factors that contribute to employee engagement and job satisfaction. Based on our findings, we developed the Employee Happiness Model® which consists of 15 measurable motivators.
Engaged and happy employees are a golden formula for a successful organization. They work with contagious energy and productivity, and create happy customers! But how do you make employees more engaged? With the Employee Happiness Model and our fast measurement method, you can get data-driven to work.

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Scientifically supported benchmark & certification

Sustainable employability is connected to dignified work for employees, at every level and age. This way they continue to perform with job satisfaction and create a successful organization. But how can employers continuously improve sustainable employability? The first step is insight. 2DAYSMOOD and the University of Utrecht have developed a unique measurement and benchmarking tool for this.

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Do you want to know how your organization scores on sustainable employability and benchmark your results? Do you also want to earn the Sustainable Employer Certificate?

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25+ years of research

Our model is based on 25+ years of research in both the Netherlands and abroad, including in collaboration with the University of Utrecht.

20+ countries

2DAYSMOOD is used worldwide by multinationals and small and medium-sized businesses. It is available in 12 languages.

2.5 million responses

The model has been tested using 2.5 million responses.

All-star team

We work together with the brightest and finest in the work field!

We improve with the help of our customers. We have one-on-one sessions and customer panels grouped by size and/or industry. Your thoughts and opinions are important for our product and service. We also organize webinars to highlight the latest insights and ideas, so you can make a difference.


We work in the field of psychological organizational research, data science, and teaching materials in collaboration with various universities and colleges including the University of Utrecht, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Rochester Institute of Technology.

We believe in collaboration. Some of the brightest minds in international "People science" help us improve our software tool. It is also possible to get specialized support on request. Click here to contact us.

Our psychologists, data scientists, and happiness experts help create the best software tool and provide the best support to help you achieve business- and cultural goals. Decades of expertise are embedded in everything we do and provide accurate, meaningful results.