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Is your organization one of the most healthy and motivating workplaces in Europe?

Discover it now through a scientifically validated measurement! Utrecht University developed a benchmark tool for this, and 2DAYSMOOD, expert in employee surveys, is offering it quickly and easily to all employers in Europe. We do not compare apples and oranges, but analyze the feedback from your employees about, among other things, workload, cohesion and career opportunities and test it against the expected standard for your organization. As soon as you score (above) average on sustainable employment, 2DAYSMOOD makes you the owner of the certificate!



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Why sustainable employment?

Employers have the responsibility to continuously ensure that employees of all ages can work in health, productivity and happiness for a long time.

That also means intervening on time when the offered work leads to a negative atmosphere or unhealthy behavior. If you follow this positive strategy, the entire organization will achieve (and exceed) its goals faster. That is what characterizes sustainable employership.

The measurement reveals the risks and strenghts in your working climate!

Science as the basis

Benchmark as check!

Why is sustainable employment a smart investment?

Leading employers were already convinced, but now more and more organizations are discovering that a healthy, pleasant and stimulating work climate is decisive for sustainable success. Getting the right people in the right place is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive due to digitization, aging and migration.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have also seen that stress, dissatisfaction and (mental) fatigue have been at too high a level for almost a year (read more in the work stress data report). With absenteeism, burnouts and dismissal of employees as a result. People want to stay away from those costs and worries!

Proven benefits of sustainable employment practices include improvements in satisfaction, vitality, productivity and innovative strength!

How can you apply sustainable employment practices?

Sustainable employment is an alternative term for sustainable employability. It is a preventive approach to allow employees to continuously work, learn and perform with energy and engagement.

We know from the European Sustainable Workforce research that there are 6 drivers that determine sustainable employment. These are workload, cohesion, management support, organizational citizenship behavior, career opportunities and commitment.

As an employer you have a responsibility to continuously offer decent work for all levels and ages. These drivers are the buttons you can turn. With the 2DAYSMOOD measurement and benchmark tool you collect information about these drivers so that you can make effective improvements.

How do you obtain the certificate sustainable employment?

With our scientifically validated measuring method you get reliable insights about the 6 drivers of sustainable employment and where your strengths and risks lie. The anonymous feedback results in a score and is directly compared to the average scores of European companies with the same characteristics. Do you score (above) the expected standard for your organization? Then you earn the title and the Sustainable Employment Certificate for a year. Are you not there yet? Then 2DAYSMOOD helps you with a smart approach, so that you will obtain the certificate shortly.

Follow these steps!

Score better than average on these 6 drivers!

1. Workload

How do employees experience the balance in their tasks and the time they have for them?

2. Cohesion

To what extent is there attachment and beneficial group behavior of employees?

3. Organizational citizenship behavior

Do employees show intrinsically motivated behavior that benefits the organization?

4. Career opportunities

What opportunities do employees have to grow and work longer at the organization?

5. Management support

Do employees experience enough support and inclusivity from managers?

6. Commitment

To what extent are employees dedicated and willing to go the extra mile?

What is your score compared to?

Unique to this measurement is that your scores, per driver, are directly compared with the expected standard for your organization or team. We have made this possible through a collaboration with the Future of Work Hub of Utrecht University. The benchmark and drivers have been scientifically established through the European Sustainable Workforce research, led by Prof. dr. ir. Tanja van der Lippe. It analyzed data from 11,000 employees of 259 companies in 9 EU countries within 6 economic sectors.

In the comparison of your scores, the sector, company size, country of residence, age of employees, gender and education level are taken into account.

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  There must be awareness for sustainable employability at the highest level. This is the idea behind the Sustainable Employment Certificate. It is a better alternative to poorly researched but popular rankings as "Employer of the Year". With the certificate, employers can show that they really pay attention to employee happiness and well-being in a science based and transparent way.
Martin Meulenkamp
CEO & HR expert, 2DAYSMOOD
How does the measurement work?

Clear results quickly!

With the 2DAYSMOOD survey tool you can collect anonymous feedback from employees. Fast and simple via email, app, Slack or Teams. The tool is flexible, the questions are validated, and the participant always ends the survey with a smile! The results of the measurement are presented in smart, secure dashboards, at team, department and organization level.

P.S. this measurement can easily be combined with other measurements from 2DAYSMOOD.


You ask for feedback on six drivers in 21 questions

1. Sustainable employment


How do you score per driver compared to corresponding organizations?

2. Benchmarking


The data shows where you can improve, we help!

3. Analysis & action


With an (above) average score you earn a reward!

4. Certificate Sustainable Employment

66% less absenteeism

Committed employees in your organization will be much less absent

80% more focus

Happy employees are focused on the right job for 80% of their working week

180% more energy

Engaged employees have 180% more energy at work

More measuring modules

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Happy employees make happy customers

These (HR) managers use 2DAYSMOOD and make real impact!

How? Our measuring method is the renewed employee survey, because it’s faster, easier and science based. A continuous source of data with which you can improve your (team) culture step-by-step and increase employee happiness. In short, that is profitable for your organization!

jan herman, 2daysmood

Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Royal Rotra Group
"2DAYSMOOD is highly valuable, because you gain continuous insight into your company culture, collect targeted feedback and are able to see trends."
emma sluman, 2daysmood

Emma Sluman

Project manager sustainable employability, ProRail
"Since we use 2DAYSMOOD every week, we have more grip on our culture. For instance, the experience of workload and what drives employees."

Rita Blankenberg

HR Business Partner Digital, Municipality Alphen a/d Rijn
“The look and feel is happy and the data is useful. For example, the continuous feedback divided into teams, shows you exactly what you can improve.”
robin g

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team (Randstad)
“Firstly the number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in five months. And secondly we continue to see a positive trend!”

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