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Creating a positive working climate in organizations worldwide is not something we do alone. We proudly work together with complementary, engaged partners that share our vision: consultancy firms that focus on HR, company culture, growth and change management, but also academic experts, coaches and software companies are our ambassadors. Are you, just like 2DAYSMOOD, helping organizations to become more innovative and people-oriented employers? Let’s meet!

Strategic partner

Since 2019 we have been collaborating with the world-famous coach-sultants of Delivering Happiness. Together we combine a ‘WOW-culture–roadmap‘, based on the science of happiness and Tony Hsieh’s #1 bestseller book ‘Delivering Happiness’, with cutting-edge feedback technology.

Delivering Happiness focuses on your company’s journey, that starts by identifying and analyzing the obstacles and needs to develop a culture of happiness. In this phase the baseline measurement of 2DAYSMOOD is performed, producing a culture blueprint for targeted action. Driven by the data, we continue the journey by creating a strategy and its respective KPIs to achieve the highest Return on Happiness in your company.

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Work stress figures in the Netherlands: more extreme peaks during the Covid-crisis

PRESS RELEASE While it is the national Week of Work Stress 2020 in the Netherlands, the second wave ...

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By: Mare Derks

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2DAYSMOOD is knowledge partner of OVAL and Week of Work Stress 2020

We are busy, busy, busy! Not only in the workplace, but also in the private sphere. Yet we often con...

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By: Kirsten van Enk

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Boomerang Talks ”Workism” with 2DAYSMOOD’s strategic happiness expert

At the invitation of creative agency Boomerang, our own Robin van der Meulen was a guest in an inter...

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By: Mare Derks

Customer Happiness Institute

Understanding the company in a new way? Easy to do, with the Customer Centric Assessment process

The Zone

We believe in making organizations more human and for this to happen we should not have to trade one for the other.


We help you to quantify your hard work by measuring softer relationships with your team, customers, partners, supply channel, citizens or communities.

Creative Curiosity

In need of design and web development? Put your company culture and brand in the skilled hands at Creative Curiosity

Speaking of Strategy

Why go it alone in business? If your strategy for success includes people, passion, plans and process then Speaking of Strategy should be your trusted advisor.

SD Worx

Arrange salary and HR matters totally carefree? You can easily get started with the innovative solutions from SD Worx.

Edeps (Belgium)

Do you not succeed in sufficiently attracting and binding employees? Edeps unleashes employees’ engagement.

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