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What impact does working from home have?

Enthusiastic employees experience a high degree of energy and job satisfaction, and that is gold for your organization! Their emotions and moods are decisive in this. But how do you know how employees feel in these times of distance? And what their reasons are? By measuring mood in a simple and fast way, you increase the energy and performance in your team, despite working remotely!

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The Covid virus brings many challenges. One thing is certain, we put people first! And that's the way it should also be for employees, especially since they have to work from home for such a long time. What does such an isolated period do to their mood, energy and engagement? And what does it do to the productivity, performance and culture of your team or organization? Read more about this in the work stress data report.

2DAYSMOOD can make a positive contribution to organizations through a continuous mood measurement. With our solution you get valuable data at team level about the mood of employees and the underlying reasons. Employees give their feedback 100% anonymously, in 15 seconds and with a fun closing message.

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Fast and anonymous


More work happiness


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Data driven

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Energetic work climate

Weekly check-in with employees: How do you feel?

Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and thoughts! This also applies on the work floor or from the home office. When your employees feel good, they are more productive and more resistant to stress.

You can ensure that engagement and positive moods take over in your teams and spread throughout your organization. This way you not only save costs, but you create a sustainable culture for success.

We help you from the start: continuous insight into energy, stress, happiness, and the underlying causes.

Leverage the science

Profit from happiness

180% more energy

Engaged employees have 180% more energy during work

80% more focus

Happy employees spend 80% of their work week focused on what they are paid to do

39% of staff works harder

39% of employees would work harder if they were happy in their job position


The science behind 2DAYSMOOD's employee satisfaction survey 3.0

• Emotions based on Russell's circumplex model
• 4 dimensions that determine employee happiness
• Proven effective: frequent vs. annual snapshot

  In my work as a Happiness Officer it is important that I know how my colleagues feel and what influences their happiness during work. With 2DAYSMOOD I measure this in a simple way. In addition, the comments in the tool give me valuable input to better tailor my work to the needs of my colleagues.
Marjolein Keltjens
Happiness Officer, Eurail

The 15 second mood survey

How does it work?

Science tells us that emotions are an important indicator of engagement in work. Yet moods are often not measured or measured as a snapshot in a traditional ESS. 2DAYSMOOD tackles this more effectively, with an anonymous, frequent mood survey.

Fast and simple for the employee
Indispensable for the manager


You ask (every week) how employees feel during work and why

Check-in of 15 seconds


Thank them with our fun cartoons, quotes or your own content

A reward increases % response


View the weekly report, discuss the work atmosphere

Quick analysis & team action


Monitor the impact of interventions at every organizational level

Measure the effects (on mood)

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Because measuring mood is smart!

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80% decrease in burnouts

Focusing on happiness and well-being in teams leads to 80% fewer burnouts

66% less sick leave

Absenteeism decreases by 66% when employees in your organization are engaged

59% less staff turnover

By paying attention to employee happiness and satisfaction, you will retain talent

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Happy employees make happy customers

These (HR) managers use 2DAYSMOOD and make real impact!

How? Our measuring method is the renewed employee survey, because it’s faster, easier and science based. A continuous source of data with which you can improve your (team) culture step-by-step and increase employee happiness. In short, that is profitable for your organization!

jan herman, 2daysmood

Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Royal Rotra Group
"2DAYSMOOD is highly valuable, because you gain continuous insight into your company culture, collect targeted feedback and are able to see trends."
emma sluman, 2daysmood

Emma Sluman

Project manager sustainable employability, ProRail
"Since we use 2DAYSMOOD every week, we have more grip on our culture. For instance, the experience of workload and what drives employees."

Rita Blankenberg

HR Business Partner Digital, Municipality Alphen a/d Rijn
“The look and feel is happy and the data is useful. For example, the continuous feedback divided into teams, shows you exactly what you can improve.”
robin g

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team (Randstad)
“Firstly the number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in five months. And secondly we continue to see a positive trend!”

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