Improve mood and performance in your team!

“With 2DAYSMOOD I measure how my colleagues feel and what influences their work happiness.” 

– Marjolein Keltjens, Happiness Officer,

Realtime mood measurement in your organisation

Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and thinking and are contagious! This also applies in the workplace. When your employees feel good, they are more productive and more resistant to stress. You can make sure that work happiness and positive moods will dominate in your teams and spread through your organisation. This way you will not only save costs but develop a human engine for success. We will help you start!

Gain continuous insight into stress, energy and happiness.

The 15 second mood survey

Various scientific studies tell us that emotions are an important indicator of engagement and happiness at work. Yet moods are often not measured or only measured as a snapshot in a traditional satisfaction survey. 2DAYSMOOD tackles this more innovatively and effectively, with an anonymous mood survey. You can continuously send it throughout your organisation, departments and teams. At the personal level, an employee can also get realtime insight into how often he or she feels tired, stressed, relaxed or enthusiastic for example.

Our realtime dashboards, weekly reports and E-learning environment are proven, data-driven tools to spark important conversations about the work atmosphere. Do you know how your employees feel at work on a daily basis?

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2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Marjolein Keltjens
Happiness Officer,

“In my work as a Happiness Officer, it is important that I know how my colleagues feel and what influences their work happiness. With 2DAYSMOOD, I measure this in an easily accessible way. In addition, the tips in the tool give me valuable input to better align my work with the needs of my colleagues.