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People and work happiness are the foundation of 2DAYSMOOD, but that does not mean that smart technology cannot contribute to that. That is why we motivate (HR) directors, team leaders and employees, to take responsibility for the atmosphere at their workplace, by listening to each other and to data.

Our mission, additional talents, and shared passion for HR, IT and entrepreneurship, make us an enthusiastic and effective team!


“We help employers create the most positive and productive company culture. Simple, data-driven and people-oriented!”

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Emotions and drives are contagious! In this way, we connect talented team members and expert partners to our mission to spread happiness at work and good employment practices all over the world. Will you join us?

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With partners, we help turn data into action. 

The story of 2DAYSMOOD

Jan Pronk, CTO, is the proud founder of 2DAYSMOOD. Since 2016, he and Martin Meulenkamp have been managing partners of a team of (now) 12 people. And since 2019 Marvin Deitz has joined them as the managing partner for North America. Jan explains how beautiful things can arise from a source of frustration!

“In 2015 I worked in a Dutch branch of a multinational. To save costs, the company decided to remove the coffee machines and plants, and I experienced the impact of that … An ill-considered, disastrous experiment by my then CEO. All hell broke out, people got angry and some even left the company. The board was focused on the wrong KPIs. Employees’ mood, satisfaction or stress were ignored in decisions.

And the annual employee survey was definitely not a means to solve this. This is how our simple, fast and fun mood measurement was born. It has now evolved into a realtime measuring method for work happiness and engagement!”

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We get Things Done

As team players we constantly share knowledge, challenges and fun. Everyone can work from his or her talent. We have each other’s backs, so that together, we achieve our goals. As innovators, we are flexible, we listen and we are curious. As entrepreneurs we are proactive, we think in solutions and we get things done.

as a Positive Family

We believe that a work environment in which everyone feels at home, trusted and respected is important. We are ourselves and value each other’s opinions. We encourage each other to perform, with a contagious smile. We have the same personal interaction with customers and partners. This is how we create win-win situations!

and share it with the World!

Most innovative organizations already know… Work Happiness is Winning! We offer solutions for all engaged leaders, so they can create effective teams and a culture full of happy employees. With our strategic partners and customers, we are committed to achieve sustainable positive change. The world could use some more happiness!

And here live at work!

Watch the video

Meet some of our Dutch team members and hear from founder Jan Pronk how the idea of 2DAYSMOOD came about. Don't forget to turn on the English subtitles!

Credits for the vlog go to 'Peper in je Pand' and 'Dotslash'


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