13. Workplace conditions

Factors of employee engagement

Workplace conditions are determining factors for employee engagement and job satisfaction. Workplace conditions concern physical elements and the environment in which the employee works. The productivity and effectiveness of employees is strongly influenced when the workplace is seen as pleasant and comfortable.

It is one of the 15 drivers in the scientific Employee Happiness Model®.


Improve employee engagement through the 15 drivers of the Employee Happiness Model

It is important to gain insight into what makes your employees enthusiastic, happy and productive. What are their motives? You can find this out by scanning the 15 factors of engagement. But you can’t do everything at once. So first focus on the theme where you think the most impact can be achieved, simply or quickly!

Workplace conditions, together with the drivers Vitality and Work-life balance, forms the theme ‘Well-being’ in 2DAYSMOOD's Employee Happiness Model and measuring method.


15 drivers of employee happiness and engagement

Leadership, appreciation, work-life balance, ...

• The buttons to turn to increase happiness
• The 15 drivers: Employee Happiness Model
• The scientific basis i.c.w. Utrecht University


Employee Happiness Model > theme well-being

This theme is about the physical and mental health of employees. Well-being can be supported by: elements that make the workplace stress-free and comfortable, stimulate a healthy lifestyle and positive energy, and a healthy work-life balance.

By measuring how satisfied employees are with the three drivers in this theme, you will discover how you can increase efficiency, productivity and happiness at work. 

See how it works!

  85% of employees are not satisfied with their office environment and have difficulty concentrating.
(Ipsos, 2014)

Checklist: how does workplace conditions influence employee engagement?


Positive influences on engagement
  • Clear safety rules and procedures
  • Providing employees with the right technology and resources to perform their duties properly
  • Support personal changes to individual workplaces
  • Having plants in the workplace
Negative influences on engagement
  • No natural daylight and / or poor lighting
  • Poor ventilation and no temperature control
  • No place for a private moment or for focused work
  • A workplace that is not user-friendly


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Energetic work climate

Why (HR) directors investigate the 15 drivers

You can see the 15 drivers in the Employee Happiness Model as measurable factors that have a negative or positive impact on employee happiness and engagement. By increasing satisfaction with these factors, you can improve stress, vitality, productivity and employee turnover!

Within your own team(s), you can check how the drivers are doing, via our fast measuring method. You will work data-driven: through an analysis of satisfaction and importance, you discover where you can make impact immediately.

Leverage the science

Profit from happiness

45% increase in productivity

In teams with happy employees, productivity increases by 45%

59% less staff turnover

By paying attention to employee happiness and satisfaction, you will retain talent

80% decrease in burnouts

Focusing on happiness and well-being in teams leads to 80% fewer burnouts

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