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The culture in companies can either be a driving force or a risk. Especially when employees work in uncertainty, from home, at flexible times, or in an office where distance is the norm. A change in cultural components is then inevitable. As a manager and role model, you will have to take action. Because employees need guidance and support to perform at their best. How do you go from a crisis to a connected company culture?

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What are the success factors of your remote corporate culture?

The crisis has a major impact on the happiness and satisfaction of employees. By adopting a powerful and empathetic attitude as a leader, you can positively influence this. But how are you going to perform and flourish optimally again as a team or organization? By focusing on the right pillars and relevant employee feedback you can lead your team(s) data-driven to the best possible work culture.

Recent research shows that factors such as connection, transparency, trust and work environment are now essential. Involving employees in decisions about the new way of working is therefore necessary and valuable for all involved. You can co-create a better corporate culture in a simple and innovative way!

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Innovative co-creation:

Identify reality: ask for feedback on the determining factors of employee well-being and the work atmosphere. How did your employees experience their work during the crisis period? How are they? And what can you as an employer or team leader do to maintain or improve this?

Keep monitoring: After a first poll (and actions) you keep monitoring. This way you can adjust your approach in time. Do you see (positive) changes in enthusiasm, satisfaction or stress in the short term?

Measure the effect: Have you actually solved problems? Is this a connected and productive environment for your team(s)?

Asking for feedback

Measuring the effect

37% more sales success

Sales teams who are highly engaged perform better by 37%

50% more motivation

Happy and engaged employees are 50% more motivated to do their work

300% more innovation

Excitement and engagement in teams increases innovation power significantly

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  I am very happy that we launched 2DAYSMOOD at the beginning of this year. It is now a valuable tool during the crisis period. Everyone works from home and because of the limited connection you have, you miss a lot of information about the mood and well-being of employees. Every week I share the latest results in an update to all colleagues and that is very much appreciated.
Joyce Hoogers
HR Manager, United Dutch Breweries
Author & Executive Coach

A corporate culture that always flourishes (even remotely)

During this period we offer special modules that meet current needs, such as the organizational culture in times of uncertainty and working from home. Because no leader wants to make decisions based on a gut feeling. Data-driven work is essential. We make that process as easy, reliable and fun as possible with the science-based Remote working & Connection survey, which provides insight into the factors that now determine a healthy working atmosphere.


You ask about current (remote) working experience

Working from home & connection


You ask how things are going. Have a conversation!

Mood & actions


Stress, enthusiasm (dis)satisfaction

Real-time insight into mood


You measure change and impact

Repetition Remote working & Connection


You co-create!

Open/custom questions

66% less sick leave

Absenteeism decreases by 66% when employees in your organization are engaged

80% more focus

Happy employees spend 80% of their work week focused on what they are paid to do

180% more energy

Engaged employees have 180% more energy during work

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jeannette kool, 2daysmood
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Happy employees make happy customers

These (HR) managers invest in their people and make real impact!

Why do they choose 2DAYSMOOD? Our measuring method is the renewed employee satisfaction survey: faster, easier and scientifically based. A continuous source of data with which you can make step-by-step improvements in your (team) culture, and increase employee happiness. And that is profitable for your organization!

jan herman, 2daysmood

Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Royal Rotra Group
"Gaining continuous insight into your company culture, collecting targeted feedback from employees and being able to see trends, is highly valuable."
emma sluman, 2daysmood

Emma Sluman

Project manager sustainable employability, ProRail
"Since we use 2DAYSMOOD every week, we seem to get a better grip on the experience of workload and the drivers that define our culture."

Rita Blankenberg

HR Business Partner Digital, Municipality Alphen a/d Rijn
“The look and feel is happy and the data is useful! Thanks to the continuous feedback, divided into teams, you know exactly what you can improve.”
robin g

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team (Randstad)
“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in five months and we continue to see a positive trend!”

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