The Employee Happiness Model

15 universal factors of engagement and happiness

Engaged and happy employees are a golden formula for a successful organization. They work with catching energy and productivity, and make customers happy! But how do you ensure that employees are and remain engaged? With the Employee Happiness Model and our fast measuring method you can make sure of it in a data driven way.

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A validated model

You cannot simply increase happiness and engagement during work. It is a shared responsibility within the organization and requires attention regularly. So where should you start as an HR manager, board or team?

2DAYSMOOD, together with Utrecht University, has conducted research into the universal factors that contribute to employee engagement and happiness. Based on our findings, we developed the Employee Happiness Model® that consists of 15 measurable drivers.

Our quick surveys give you continuous insight into the status and priority of each driver; at every level in your organization. Then you know exactly where to start improving.

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15 drivers of employee happiness and engagement

Leadership, appreciation, work-life balance, ...

• The buttons to turn to increase happiness
• The 15 drivers: Employee Happiness Model
• The scientific basis i.c.w. Utrecht University

45% increase in productivity

In teams with happy employees, productivity increases by 45%

59% less staff turnover

By paying attention to employee happiness and satisfaction, you will retain talent

180% more energy

Engaged employees have 180% more energy during work



They are being heard!


Fast and anonymous


More work happiness


Points to improve!

Data driven

Monitor effects


Energetic work climate

Why (HR) directors investigate the 15 drivers

You can see the 15 drivers in the Employee Happiness Model as measurable factors that have a negative or positive impact on employee happiness and engagement. By increasing satisfaction with these factors, you can improve stress, vitality, productivity and employee turnover!

Within your own team(s), you can check how the drivers are doing, via our fast measuring method. You will work data-driven: through an analysis of satisfaction and importance, you discover where you can make impact immediately.

Leverage the science

Profit from happiness

  The power of 2DAYSMOOD lies in the simplicity of the 15 second survey, in combination with the scientific substantiation of the method.
Fieke Horsten
Project leader vitality, L&E fund Municipalities

How does it work? Simple steps!

A baseline survey of 15 drivers
or deeper insight into a topic

Transform your efforts for a positive organizational culture into an effective, data-driven action plan


Survey in 15 seconds (per week)

We always begin with: How do you feel today?


Baseline questions (5 weeks)

How satisfied are you with ... ? How important is ... to you?


Deep dive questions

Feedback on a topic to take action immediately


From data to deeds!

Scores, trends and answers in simple dashboards

2.5x more revenue

Intrinsically motivated employees relatively generate 2.5 times more revenue

50% more motivation

Happy and engaged employees are 50% more motivated to do their work

300% more innovation

Excitement and engagement in teams increases innovation power significantly

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