Realtime insight into satisfaction, engagement and work happiness!

“Compared to the baseline measurement, this year our Employee Net Promoter Score increased from 16 to 35”

– Hans de Man, CEO, Soltegro

2DAYSMOOD Baseline measurement: a blueprint of your work culture

With engaged employees in your company, productivity increases by 45% and innovation potential as much as 300%. But globally, around 85% of employees are not actively engaged with their jobs. As an employer you naturally want to increase engagement in all possible ways. But which buttons should you press and in what order? 2DAYSMOOD will help you set priorities!

We offer an advanced baseline measurement that maps both the current and desired status of 15 key drivers of employee engagement.

How the baseline measurement works

During a period of 5 weeks, organisations gain insight into their work climate at all levels (improving the single survey). The method allows them to discover which themes have the greatest positive or negative impact on engagement and satisfaction of employees. This can be different in each team! Think of leadership, appreciation or other drivers in our Employee Happiness Model.

After the first week, team feedback on mood and the employee Net Promoter Score are in. From then on, team members will receive weekly reports and start a mood trendline. This anonymous feedback gives teams the right input to improve the working vibe and reduce stress!

Feedback through the 15 second survey

The 15 drivers of engagement are being analyzed with innovative and user-friendly technologies: the 15 second survey, realtime reports, smart dashboards and an E-learning environment. With these tools you can easily turn data into targeted action.

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2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Hans de Man
CEO, Soltegro

“We have had a fantastic year compared to the baseline. For example, our eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) has risen from 16 to 35. I think that’s a huge compliment. It means that more and more of our employees are becoming ambassadors for Soltegro.”