Improve employee engagement

Engaged employees are more productive, more creative, and less susceptible to stress. But how do you improve the engagement of your employees? There are 15 measurable drivers that influence happiness and engagement at work.

How do you recognize engaged employees?

You can recognize engagement in employees from their positive mood and high energy level. They are the vital force within teams. The positive attitude and work motivation is contagious and represents a great commitment to the organization. Both research and practice show that enthusiastic and engaged employees ensure higher productivity, better business performance, fewer burn-outs, and a competitive advantage in the labor market.

Employee engagement is also represented in the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). The measurement of this score is integrated into the 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD and gives deep insight in the employer reputation among employees. Read more about the benefits of using the eNPS.


Engaged employees have 50% more work motivation


Engaged employees increase innovation by 300%

How do you improve employee engagement?

Every efficient improvement plan starts with mapping the reality. Where exactly are the improvement possibilities of the organization? These possibilities can best be found by getting insight in personal drivers and moods in the workplace, a baseline measurement. Simply explained, this means that you ask questions such as: are my employees happy? Which topics influence their happiness at work? And how satisfied are they with these topics?

It is important that your measuring method does not just show a snapshot. A data-driven and clear image of the reality can only arise after a repeating and varying feedback loop. As soon as the baseline is set, and therefore you know what the most important drivers and moods are within the organization, you can take targeted actions to improve the working climate and engagement.

2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Marjolein Keltjens
Happiness Officer,

“In my work as a Happiness Officer, it is important that I know how my colleagues feel and what influences their work happiness. With 2DAYSMOOD, I measure this in an easily accessible way. In addition, the tips in the tool give me valuable input to better align my work with the needs of my colleagues.”

Measure engagement and mood

The baseline measurement of 2DAYSMOOD examines the engagement within organizations on the basis of the Employee Happiness Model (EHM) that we have designed together with Utrecht University. This model consists of 15 drivers of engagement. In our baseline measurement, we measure the gap between how satisfied employees currently are with all 15 drivers within the organization and how important they find these topics for their personal work happiness.

The baseline measurement is available at organizational and team level and can be completed within 6 weeks. You can monitor the (interim) outcomes and mood trends in realtime reports and dashboards. With the continuous 15 second survey and deep-dive question modules you can then start analyzing and addressing specific problem areas and measure the effect of your actions.

Get a free demo of our baseline measurement of employee engagement.

Weekly 15 second survey

Our 15 second survey helps organizations to continuously collect feedback about moods and employee engagement. With an average response rate of 70%, the anonymous survey offers very reliable feedback, which makes our innovative method the better alternative to boring, annual ‘snapshot’ surveys. Our measurement method is 100% anonymous and secure, data-driven and science based. With 2DAYSMOOD, managing employee engagement becomes easier, more fun and more effective.

Read more about the 15 second survey, weekly mood reports and our smart HR dashboard in our free brochure.

Realtime insight in employee engagement?

This is possible with our super fast online survey, weekly reports and realtime analysis dashboards. You can create your desired feedback loop on personal, team, department and organization level.

What else can you do with 2DAYSMOOD? Think of monitoring stress levels, measuring job satisfaction, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score and stimulating employee happiness through e-learning. We are happy to show you all the options!

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