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Read below the testimonials of our clients. Innovative organizations are already convinced: happy employees perform better and ensure business success. Surely, as a director, HR or team leader you want to increase happiness during work and tackle dissatisfaction and stress in a timely manner!

How it works

“While our organization was in a healthy position even before participating in the surveys, we are infinitely stronger and more focused yet as a result of the support. And that’s something I’m not convinced we would have been able to achieve without the help of 2DAYSMOOD.”
Mike Taylor, Executive Director at Youth Resources Niagara


“The insight and data 2DAYSMOOD provided for our company was most helpful during one of the most challenging years. We learned what is important to our employees and how we can support our teams in their future careers with Arteza. The 2DAYSMOOD team was most helpful with designing our questions and plans to perform after receiving such valuable feedback. We executed projects much faster, as we knew exactly what was important for our employees!”
Kelli Durkin, CXO at Arteza


"2DAYSMOOD has given Eastman a comprehensive insight to our employees happiness and engagement at work and in life. The software provides such essential and pinpointed data to allow managers to take the temperature of their teams and make changes as necessary to become more high functioning. We have been delighted with 2DAYSMOOD and look forward to what else it can do for us!"
Trevor Stevenson, Vice President at Eastman Machine


“I enjoyed doing the 360 degrees feedback. It partly determined the input of the annual plan for 2020. Ultimately, the conversations we had with regard to the results are the most valuable.”
Naomi Roelofsen, Chapterlead Service Desk at ANVA


“We at ANVA notice that attention works wonders. We now have the report that comes as a fixed item at every day start on Monday, and that works. The eNPS is something we are really proud of.”
Daan van der Lugt, Commercial Lead Sales & Marketing at ANVA


“Financially driven people want to see the approach with 2DAYSMOOD reflected in figures. You can also see the relationship between happiness at work and the outflow of employees.”
Jeroen Kuiper, General Director at Aareon


“The great thing about this tool is its flexibility. You can ask appropriate questions within different locations, departments or teams when necessary.”
Ria Feddema, HR manager at Aareon


“Now that the new agile teams have been formed and we continue to measure, you can see the appreciation in the 2DAYSMOOD data.”
Ina Haverhals, Agile Organisation Coach at Vektis


“The BRUIS meter started the conversation about vitality and even ensured that we adjusted our working method and consultation structure.”
Debby Sulkers, P&O Advisor at Municipality of Moerdijk


“By measuring "Vitality" and discussing this, employees at the Municipalities A&O fund and the participating municipalities of our BRUIS campaign are more aware of what they need to work with pleasure and energy.”
Jikke Zolner, Advisor BRUIS at A&O Fonds Gemeenten


“Now that I have come into contact with the real-time measurement of employee satisfaction and the eNPS (employee Net Promotor Score) developed by 2DAYSMOOD, I am convinced that this strategic tool can play an important role in takeover processes.”
Joost van Klink, Corporate Advisor at SHV


“Very positive to experience how 2DAYSMOOD has been part of the daily business from the start. It is a topic of discussion among colleagues and managers are actively working on it.”
Joyce Hoogers, HR manager at United Dutch Breweries


“Now that we use the 15 second survey on a weekly basis, we seem to get a better grasp of the work pressure experience and the drivers that shape our culture.”
Emma Sluman, Project Leader Sustainable Employability at ProRail


“Gaining continuous insight into your corporate culture, getting targeted feedback and seeing trends, that is really valuable.”
Jan-Herman Hanskamp, HR Director at Koninklijke Rotra Groep


“The look and feel of the tool is happy and the data is really usable. Through continuous feedback and separate teams you know exactly what you can do to improve”
Rita Blankenberg, HR Business Partner at Municipality Alphen aan den Rijn


“The power of 2DAYSMOOD lies in the simplicity of the 15 second survey, in combination with the scientific substantiation of the method.”
Fieke Horsten, Project Leader Vitality Campaign at A&O Fonds Gemeenten


“In my work as a Happiness Officer it is important that I know how my colleagues feel and what influences their happiness at work. With 2DAYSMOOD I measure this in an accessible way. In addition, the comments in the tool give me valuable input to better tailor my work to the needs of my colleagues.”
Marjolein Keltjens, Happiness Officer at Eurail


“2DAYSMOOD is a very pleasant and professional party to work with. First of all: the tool meets a great need in the market around employee enthusiasm and happiness at work. This helps in my conversations with customers. 2DAYSMOOD has a clear internal choice of what they can and cannot do and they come to me when my expertise is needed. Finally: it is great fun to work with them!”
Hans van Gastel, Partner at Hans van Gastel Coaching


“Proud to work with 2DAYSMOOD, which is leading by the happiness example. The happy team is delivering the happiness.”
Nabahan, Partner at Extra Miles


“We have collaborated intensively with 2DAYSMOOD. An equal partner, always willing to explore new fitting solutions.”
Rianne Klemann, Region Manager West at Randstad


“With us, 2DAYSMOOD is mainly there for the self-managing teams. The management team does not have access to the data. Our goal is that teams use the feedback to improve their own team performance, cooperation and atmosphere. It is important that a safe environment is provided. Our teams are completely self-managing, so if help is needed, they can ask the manager. No control or intervention from the management team is required for this.”
Ina Haverhals, Agile Organisation Coach at Vektis


“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in 5 months and we continue to see a positive trend!”
Robin Gerritsen, Director Recruitment at Tempo-Team


“I think it’s great that with such a continuous measurement you can zoom in on certain things, that you can respond immediately if you observe something. Simply showing interest already has a huge impact.”
Hans de Man, CEO at Soltegro


“Compared to the baseline measurement, we have had a fantastic year. Our employee Net Promoter Score has improved from 16 to 35. I think that is a huge compliment.”
Hans de Man, CEO at Soltegro


“2DAYSMOOD made current topics clear to our employees. Topics such as work happiness, stress and satisfaction have become much more accessible to discuss.”
Simon Klop, Managing Partner at YSE


“Over a longer period we saw the effect of changes in the organization. 2DAYSMOOD has a positive influence on the mood and engagement of employees.”
Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn, HR manager at Batenburg Techniek


“In my experience, the chronic shortage of feedback is a major shortcoming in management. Innovative systems such as 2DAYSMOOD can have a positive effect on organizations.“
Victor Lipman, Author & Executive Coach, and publishes on Forbes & Psychology Today


“The method just works. You can easily indicate how you feel at work and why, and compare that with the mood in your team.”
Lydia Quirschfeld, Senior Coordinator at Gartner


“We all want to get pleasure out of our work! As a manager of two sales teams, I would therefore like to know what is going on with job satisfaction in my team. I get that information from daily contact with the team members, among other things. In addition to this personal contact, we have been using 2DAYSMOOD for several months. 2DAYSMOOD is not a substitute for personal contact, but it is a very useful addition. In a few seconds, the employees shared how they feel and why. The results are shown clearly and anonymously to both employees and their managers. By entering into a conversation with the teams about these outcomes, the underlying causes become clear. With this we can actually work together to improve the working climate even further. This active follow-up keeps the willingness to participate high and that is the best proof of the added value of 2DAYSMOOD. In summary, the tool is short but sweet for me!”
Erik Caris, Sales Manager at Infoland

2.5x more revenue

Intrinsically motivated employees relatively generate 2.5 times more revenue

45% increase in productivity

In teams with happy employees, productivity increases by 45%

80% more focus

Happy employees spend 80% of their work week focused on what they are paid to do

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