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Innovative organizations are already convinced: happy employees perform better and ensure business success. Surely, as a director, HR or team leader you want to increase happiness during work and tackle dissatisfaction and stress in a timely manner! With the 15 second survey and real-time analysis from 2DAYSMOOD you have the right tools in your hands.

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What is the impact of happiness during work?

Employee happiness no longer has a fluffy image. A main reason for this is its proven positive impact on productivity (+45%), energy (+180%) and innovation (+300%). In addition, 39% of employees say they would work harder if they were happy in their current position

Happiness during work is therefore an effective remedy against excessive workload. Certainly in times of crisis you should investigate how you can continue to nurture employee happiness. Read more about this in the Employee Happiness data report.

There is also a downside when work happiness is missing. According to research, unhappy, unengaged employees cost organizations as much as 400-500 billion euros per year (Engagement Institute). Think of costs related to absenteeism, burnouts, high staff turnover or deteriorated performance. In particular HR managers in healthcare or education will recognize these problems.

Many organizations therefore use a continuous measuring method of employee happiness.

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How to measure and increase employee happiness?

Employee happiness is a personal feeling of energy and pleasure during work. The formula behind it is different for everyone. That is why it is important to gain insight into what makes your employees enthusiastic. By measuring happiness during work, you know what you can improve.

2DAYSMOOD helps with this. In collaboration with Utrecht University, we have identified 15 drivers of happiness during work in the Employee Happiness Model®. The drivers are also measurement variables in our feedback method. Employees give anonymous feedback in surveys of 15-60 seconds, with which you can effectively monitor and increase employee happiness.

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2.5x more revenue

Intrinsically motivated employees relatively generate 2.5 times more revenue

45% increase in productivity

In teams with happy employees, productivity increases by 45%

80% more focus

Happy employees spend 80% of their work week focused on what they are paid to do

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15 Tips to increase employee happiness

Which buttons should you turn to increase employee happiness? And what should you do?

• Based on the proven Employee Happiness Model
• Made with visuals so pleasant to read!

  2DAYSMOOD has given Eastman a comprehensive insight to our employees happiness and engagement at work and in life. The software provides such essential and pinpointed data that allows managers to make changes where necessary. We have been delighted with 2DAYSMOOD and look forward to what else it can do for us!
Trevor Stevenson
Vice President, Eastman Machine

Measure employee happiness

How does it work?

There are 4 dimensions that determine happiness at work: mood, job satisfaction, employee engagement and loyalty to the organization. With 2DAYSMOOD you collect feedback on all these dimensions. Choose from +250 questions, or start with a baseline measurement. Our fast surveys and smart dashboards lead you from data to positive change!

Useful feedback after 1 week
Valuable trends after 5 weeks


Weekly feedback in 40 seconds

Employees fill in their mood via email or app


Ask questions about what drives engagement and satisfaction

Deeper insight in happiness


Discover priorities, start conversations!

Analysis & action (per team)


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Effects on employee happiness

50% more motivation

Happy and engaged employees are 50% more motivated to do their work

59% less staff turnover

By paying attention to employee happiness and satisfaction, you will retain talent

80% decrease in burnouts

Focusing on happiness and well-being in teams leads to 80% fewer burnouts

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Happy employees make happy customers

These (HR) managers invest in their people and make real impact!

Why do they choose 2DAYSMOOD? Our measuring method is the renewed employee satisfaction survey: faster, easier and scientifically based. A continuous source of data with which you can make step-by-step improvements in your (team) culture, and increase employee happiness. And that is profitable for your organization!

jan herman, 2daysmood

Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Royal Rotra Group
"Gaining continuous insight into your company culture, collecting targeted feedback from employees and being able to see trends, is highly valuable."
emma sluman, 2daysmood

Emma Sluman

Project manager sustainable employability, ProRail
"Since we use 2DAYSMOOD every week, we seem to get a better grip on the experience of workload and the drivers that define our culture."

Rita Blankenberg

HR Business Partner Digital, Municipality Alphen a/d Rijn
“The look and feel is happy and the data is useful! Thanks to the continuous feedback, divided into teams, you know exactly what you can improve.”
robin g

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team (Randstad)
“The number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in five months and we continue to see a positive trend!”

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