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More knowledge on how to improve your working climate

Happiness at work research: figures and trends every month

How does the level of happiness at work, via stress, satisfaction and excitement, change every month? 2DAYSMOOD shares figures and insight!

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6 tips to structurally reduce workload: less stress and more employee engagement

Reducing workload makes for happy and sustainably employable employees. Quickly tackle the workload in your team and reduce absenteeism by these tips.

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: 5 tips for future-proof HR policies

Why is diversity and inclusion in the workplace important & what does it do for your company? Read five concrete tips for your HR policy here!

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eNPS monitor

In de eNPS-monitor bieden we inzicht in de medewerkersbetrokkenheid en tevredenheid van Nederland. Ideaal als benchmark voor je organisatie of ter inspiratie om je werkomgeving voortdurend te optimaliseren.

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The 10 most important HR trends of 2024: from wellbeing to Gen-Z

What are the most important HR trends of 2024? You can read all about sustainable employability, data, AI in HR, Gen-Z and much more!

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Sustainable HR strategy: how to retain employee satisfaction

Why do you need to get started with a sustainable HR policy? How do you ensure that employees remain long-term employable? Read it here.

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enps meten - HR strategie - 2DAYSMOOD kennisblog
Data-driven job satisfaction: measure and improve eNPS in 3 simple steps

Are you a good employer? If you measure the eNPS, you immediately have a good KPI to keep your employees engaged and satisfied!

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Measuring employee happiness: here’s how to develop a positive work environment

Measuring employee happiness seems impossible, but nothing could be further from the truth! With this plan you will make employee happiness measurable and improve it in your company.

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Appreciation at work
Effective compliments for greater appreciation at work

Giving compliments at work is a powerful way to show appreciation for your colleagues and/or employees. Read how to give compliments in an effective way and how this will increase their positive effect within your organization!

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More job happiness with a four-day workweek - 2DAYSMOOD knowledge blog
Increase Employee Happiness with the four-day workweek

Increase Employee Happiness in your teams? Pay attention to a better work-life balance. Use the four-day workweek for more happiness at work!

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Increasing employee happiness: the key to productivity and satisfaction in the workplace

Increasing employee happiness is essential to retaining employees. But how do you do it? Read the step-by-step plan and helpful, concrete tips here!

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The power of 360-degree feedback: The secret behind better performance

Why is 360-degree feedback important for performance and the work environment? And how do you deploy it effectively and easily? Read it here!

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