North America

Dr. Marvin Deitz

Managing Partner North America

Dr. Marvin Deitz has been teaching and speaking on customer & employee centricity internationally as a professor, entrepreneur and marketer. Marvin is proud to be part of the 2DAYSMOOD team, because he knows it is always about the people and how you make them feel. With the mix of academia, HR principles, organizational psychology and technology he is ready to change cultures. One happy employee and customer at a time!

+1 585 474 8701

Samantha Tassone

Strategic Development Partner

Samantha Tassone is President of GrowthFuel, a leadership development and professional services firm. She is a strategist, facilitator, speaker, and performance coach. She has extensive knowledge and over 20+ year experience in the organizational and talent development space. She has worked with public, private, and non-profit organizations and has coached hundreds of executives, leaders and teams in various industries!

Matt Smith

Strategic Engagement Partner

Matt Smith has a dream… of work as something exciting and meaningful for the many instead of the few, of more frequent positive workplace experiences where our work is making the world a better place, of more people living their lives to the fullest and reaching their true potential, and of people acting for the good of the team and community over self interests.

+1 716 616 0170

Sara Emhof

Strategic Consulting Partner

My mission is to provide experiences that Move Organizations to Greater Authenticity (MOGA) by developing leaders as coaches who build healthy teams that get big results. My coaching and training integrates 23 years of personal and community leadership experience, the 5-step transformational coaching method, and conscious movement (the brain-body connection).

+1 716 510 6992

Larry Mietus

Consultant Partner

Larry Mietus is the founder of Speaking of Strategy. He is a business consultant and speaker with decades of hands on experience. His expertise covers leadership, organizational design and employee engagement. He believes that the greatest resource any organization has is its people and that the 2DAYSMOOD technology will “reset the table” when it comes to leading employees!

+1 716 901 4352

Kimberly Russell

Strategic Connector

Kim’s company, Let’s Connect the Dots, connects people, organizations and Initiatives with opportunity. Her varied background as an attorney, real estate development executive, community builder and entrepreneur provides a unique set of skills. She can help your company build a connected culture where every team member contributes in a valued and meaningful way to success.

+1 585 704 0935

Caitlin Drago

Coaching Partner

At Inspire Improv and Coaching Inc, President, Caitlin Drago uses her unconventional background as an LA actor-turned-certified leadership coach, to support individuals and organizations on their journey to transformation, using improvisation as a platform for interactive learning.

+1 585 750 3687

Alan Kahn

Independent Consultant

Alan is a highly accomplished, multi-skilled, international marketing, communications, public relations and corporate training professional. For decades he has delivered proven value to the world’s top Fortune® 500 executives by helping brands grow rapidly, in industries such as healthcare, tech, energy, and the world’s most competitive marketplaces.


Jan Pronk

Managing Partner | Technology Expert

It’s my goal to create user friendly and stable software that can improve the working experience of organizations. Not only on a technical but also on a human level! Are you crazy about IT? And do you believe healthy and happy organizations are worth working for? Let’s get in touch.

+31 6 20 10 05 99

Martin Meulenkamp

Managing Partner | HR & Change Expert

It is my goal to answer your questions regarding employee engagement in your organization. I will gladly use my experience in HR and Change management to help you find an effective and sustainable solution. Insights from our 2DAYSMOOD 15 second survey will help in our search!

+31 6 55 81 33 21

Selma Fehrmann

Organizational Psychologist| Clifton Strengths Coach

How do you feel at work today? How great would it be to always answer this question with ‘Enthusiastic’ or ‘Happy’! In an innovative way, we help people reach happiness at work. Are you curious which tools and support we offer? Send me an e-mail.

+49 173 802 4031

Robin van der Meulen

Strategic Happiness Expert

Inspired by positive psychology, it is my passion to help organizations create a happier workplace and a positive company culture. In a modern and innovative manner. So, if you would like to go ahead with employee happiness and engagement in your organization you have come to the right place!

+31 6 16 41 95 50

Mare Derks

Marketing & Communications Expert

I am at my happiest and deliver my best work when I have the freedom to balance strategy, creativity and execution, but also humor, team work and my personal life. This asks for a working culture of responsibility and trust. I have found this at 2DAYSMOOD and I gladly help spread it amongst other organizations!

+31 6 27 12 44 38

Karen Boersma

Content & Design Expert

Coming up with ideas and realizing them, is something that makes me happy. At 2DAYSMOOD I can work on that within an enthusiastic team. Hopefully my ideas can also contribute to the work happiness of others

Johan de Graaf

Back-end Developer

In my daily work I’m working on the development of the 2DAYSMOOD tool. Coming up with innovative solutions and being able to contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace really motivates me!

Raoul Wernert

Full-stack Developer

At 2DAYSMOOD I work passionately as a full-stack devoloper on maintaining and innovating our dashboards. It is awesome to design and develop systems that help organizations to create a more positive working environment an culture.

Mees Gieling

Front-end Developer

When working in IT there is nothing better than creating things that are directly important to users. At 2DAYSMOOD you often receive feedback from customers right away, that they love what you have created. That gives me a positive boost everytime!

Jeremias Mayor

Visual & UX Designer

I love the idea that my designs are making the 2DAYSMOOD app easy to use and attractive. It’s even better that I can contribute to making organizations a better place to work! If you are passionate about design, especially UX, and want to make a real contribution to the happiness of employees, feel free to contact me.

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