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Appreciation is one of the key drivers of job satisfaction and a determining factor for engagement and enjoyment in the workplace. In this Whitepaper you can read more about the impact of appreciation and the psychology behind this extraordinary force. We can also share interesting insights with you based on our data. Read about the latest developments in the field of appreciation and how you can use it to increase your Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)!

The conclusions in this whitepaper are drawn based on our aggregated data from 400,000+ responses received from employees and managers from more than 150 organizations and various industries in the Netherlands over the past two years.

What will you read in this white paper?

Through this Whitepaper, we want to inspire you and give you new insights to increase work happiness and employee satisfaction within your organization.

If you download this free whitepaper, you will read, among other things...

  • Drivers of work happiness
  • The impact of appreciation within an organization
  • The science behind appreciation at work
  • Latest data insights of the impact of appreciation
  • Tips & tricks for more appreciation and happiness in the workplace

Download the free white paper "The Power of Appreciation" and benefit from 2DAYSMOOD's knowledge!