Welcome happiness ambassador!

Here you will find a step-by-step plan for the implementation of 2DAYSMOOD

Workplace happiness is not reached overnight. Conducting a successful continuous employee survey helps, but requires a good preparation, clear introduction and expectation management. Therefore, follow these 3 steps and get ready for a culture change with impact!

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1. Secure 2DAYSMOOD in your organizational strategy

Set clear and relevant goals

The first step is to determine the goal. Ask yourself the question, “Why should an employee engagement survey be conducted?” And “What would I like to accomplish with it?”. The goal is often derived from the need to encourage change or improvement through insight (data and feedback). What change would you like to see? How does it align with the overall company strategy? It is crucial to have a clear goal and vision in mind and to make this a component of your communications. The goal, or the varying goals, should be clear and relevant to all employees of all layers in the organization.

Involve important key players early in the process

To motivate your employees to participate in the 2DAYSMOOD survey, you need to mobilize the right ambassadors. Does the employee survey fall under the Works Council Act? Then it is extra important to get the Works Council on board (and enthusiastically) as soon as possible. Also, both managers and management must recognize the importance of engaged and happy employees. They have an exemplary status. If they are not convinced or included, it will be difficult to motivate the entire organization. Therefore, involve the decision-makers and other people in key positions (especially team leaders!) in your process as early as possible and make them co-responsible. This will positively influence the support among the employees.

Nominate a group of ambassadors

Support on multiple levels is of critical value! Make sure that the survey gets talked about at the workspace even before it starts. To do so, define your various stakeholders. Who needs to be talking about this survey with enthusiasm? Which people have a deciding or influencing role when it comes to ‘informal spreading of information’? Involve these stakeholders in the beginning stages of the survey as well. You could set up a multidisciplinary project group, consisting of representatives of the WC, a few managers of various departments, and employees with an innovative, open, and social character; people who would like to put vitality, well-being, and happiness on the strategic agenda!



2. Prepare how and what you will communicate

Communicate the WHY

It is crucial to make your strategic goals part of the communication plan about 2DAYSMOOD. The goals must be clear and relevant to all employees, at all layers of the organization. Involve your colleagues from the communication department early in the process. Think about the relevancy of a different message for a different target group. A manager will get motivated by hearing how it can help him guide his team better. Whereas an employee would like to hear how he or she and the whole team are important, and that their opinion matters. Employees must understand why and how they participate in 2DAYSMOOD. Do they know the intentions and expectations? And do they know how simple the tool works? That will give a positive boost to the response rate.

Emphasize anonymity and trust

Privacy is of utmost importance at 2DAYSMOOD. To get accurate survey results, employees must feel safe to answer honestly. Emphasize regularly that the survey is anonymous and safe to fill in. Explain to the employees that the answers will be shown on the organizational and team level but cannot be traced back to an individual. After all, groups have to consist of at least 5 people and 5 answers are necessary before the results can be made visible (unless you as an organization decide differently). The data on a personal level can only be seen in your own dashboard. The employee creates their own password for this personal dashboard.

Create a safe environment

Ensure that employees can give their honest opinion. Without embarrassment or the fear of consequences. For this, it is crucial to create a safe environment. Take on an open and approachable attitude as an HR, manager, or board member, and clarify that there are absolutely no negative consequences on giving honest feedback. Explain the value of constructive feedback and what will happen with it. Without feedback, no positive change! ‘’Feedback is the breakfast of champions’’ – Ken Blanchard

Stress that everybody is responsible

Not only HR, but every member of the organization is responsible for his or her job satisfaction and indirectly for that of his or her colleagues. No matter what function you have. Make it clear that adopting a wait-or-see attitude does not contribute to a pleasant and productive working atmosphere. Strive to jointly implement improvements and start initiatives for that positive organizational culture. Encourage employees and managers to open and discuss the weekly team report from the start.

Create an intranet page or a 2DAYSMOOD dedicated communication channel

Create a permanent place, an intranet channel, and assign a project leader within your organization, where every employee can go for questions or more information about 2DAYSMOOD. Request this in time from someone from (team) communication. For example, the 2DAYSMOOD project leader in your organization will have to answer questions about anonymity, a change in the team layout, unsubscribing from the surveys, or registering again…

Use our templates, texts, and designs!

For the first announcement of 2DAYSMOOD: use our communication template for inspiration. Make sure that the message is distributed in time and through multiple channels so that you can reach every employee. For more explanation, questions, and background information: we have the communication materials ready for an intranet page or similar channel. Think of FAQs, 1-minute explanation video of 2DAYSMOOD, and useful manuals. For a fun visual boost: we are happy to send you designs and images of our emojis, logo variations or “smartphone/laptop mockups” of the tool. You can have them printed on (edible) gadgets for a nice boost. Would you like to receive the above materials? (If you don’t have them yet) Send an email to [email protected].



3. Don’t forget to arrange practical matters!

Determine the start date of your survey

Determining your first survey date will help you to set everything in place in time. It will be our deadline together 😉. Think carefully about the day of the week and consider holidays.

Provide employee data (secured Excel document)

In an Excel template from 2DAYSMOOD you can add the employee data with the organizational structure as you want it. Read the tips below carefully:

  • Everyone can only appear once in the structure (group level 1 – 4).
  • Think of a waterfall structure, if people belong in one team, they must have the same group level above it (the same parent).
  • The smallest group level must consist of at least 5 employees. Advice: don’t make the teams too small. You need at least 5 answers to see results (unless your organization decides differently).
  • Do you want to make cross-connections in your analysis, and thus gain insights outside the team structure? Then use the filter options (age, gender, …).
  • The shorter the department or team names, the clearer your dashboards. So use max. 40 characters per name.
  • Determine the role of participants: employee or manager. This affects the accessibility to data on the dashboard. A manager has more access rights or sometimes editing rights. You can decide which access an employee or manager exactly has via the checklist (see next step!).
  • Note: deliver the Excel to 2DAYSMOOD, password protected! You can do this yourself in Excel when saving. You can email the password separately or send a SMS message or WhatsApp.
  • Deadline for Excel and Checklist: 7 working days before the desired survey start date. Do you still want to change things at the last minute or afterward? No worries, the organizational structure can be changed at any time by the administrator.
Determine who has access to which data

How transparent do you want to be as an organization? Who is allowed to view and analyze the anonymized data in the online dashboard? Please indicate this in the checklist and send it to your 2DAYSMOOD contact person.

Managers (manager role) get access to the online dashboard with insight into the data of their own department (s) and team (s). You can also choose to give them access to all data of the organization. This makes it possible to compare your own team with other teams and departments.

For participants without a managerial position (employee role), the following options can be considered:

  1. access to the dashboard with all results (also from other teams)
  2. access to the dashboard with only results of own team
  3. no access to the dashboard (only weekly team mood report + personal dashboard)

The personal dashboard is separate from this and is always transparent for an individual employee. (It is possible to deactivate this). Important: regardless of the role, every employee will always receive a weekly report with the mood data from his / her team.

Tip: Do you want to give employees access to all organizational data?

That is a great transparent initiative! We advise you to first only give managers access to the entire dashboard. In this way, they can first interpret the data themselves and get a picture of what is going on among employees. It could be uncomfortable for managers when employees are confronted with data that they have not yet analyzed themselves. After a few weeks, if managers are more accustomed to and prepared for a feedback cycle, you can give employees access too.

Deadline for Excel and Checklist: 7 working days before the desired survey start date. Do you still want to change things at the last minute or afterward? Settings can be changed at any time by the administrator.

Have the 2DAYSMOOD mail domain whitelisted by your IT department

Notify your IT administrator that our mail domain should be allowed by the server. Otherwise, no one will receive the survey or it will end up in the “unwanted” folder by default! Our IP address is and our additional IP address is Our e-mail addresses are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

Two more important things:

  • Let us know when the whitelisting has happened. Then we send a welcome test email, so we are sure that everything is ready at the start.
  • Managers and administrators should ideally use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox when using 2DAYSMOOD. Internet Explorer is outdated and does not support all our smart functionalities.
Do the final check!

Are you sure that you have done all the preparations for the start of the employee survey? Feel free to call your 2DAYSMOOD contact person and do a checklist together. Is it clear when and what survey will be sent? Does 2DAYSMOOD know who is the main account manager from within the organization? Do you have more questions? Then you can always call or email us. We are happy to advise you on effective ways to continue with 2DAYSMOOD and fun and smart tips from practice.