Meet our team!

Would you like to join our mission? Cool! But unfortunately we don’t have any open positions at the moment. Do you completely identify with our corporate vision? Or do you think your unique skills can contribute to our team? Feel free to send an open application to [email protected].

Martin Meulenkamp
Managing Partner | HR & Change Expert

It is my goal to answer all your questions about employee engagement in organizations. I am happy to put my experience in HR and change processes to work to help you find an apt solution to improve happiness world wide!


Jan Pronk
Managing Partner | Technology Expert

My goal is to create user-friendly software that makes organizations stronger and more happy. Not only technically, but also humanly! With 2DAYSMOOD, I want to spread work happiness worldwide!


Raoul Wernert

At 2DAYSMOOD, I work passionately to maintain and innovate our dashboards. It’s cool to design and develop systems that help organizations create a more positive culture and work environment.


Sjoerd Meester

Working with motivated colleagues every day is really great! I devise solutions where IT and user-friendliness come together so that everyone can experience 2DAYSMOOD in a pleasant and interactive way.


Johan de Graaf

I am mainly involved in the development of the 2DAYSMOOD softwaretool. Coming up with innovative and creative solutions and in this way being able to contribute to a positive atmosphere in the workplace motivates me tremendously!


Mees Gieling

When it comes to working in IT, there is nothing better than making things that are immediately important to users. At 2DAYSMOOD you often get that feedback from clients right away, that they love what you made!


Jos Mulder
Werkpsycholoog &

As an organizational psychologist and data analyst, I make the translation between hard and soft data. Measuring work happiness and thus finding the right solutions for organizations is the basis of my role within 2DAYSMOOD!


Marvin Deitz
Happiness Expert &

At 2DAYSMOOD I can put my passion for customer and employee experience, and my experience as a researcher and teacher to use! With innovative technology and our highly skilled team, we contribute to a happier world!


Jan Donmez

At 2DAYSMOOD, I focus on the happiness of the client and their staff. Every organization is different so I look for the solution that suits them best. I believe in spreading work happiness worldwide and and to get more out of people.


Cennet Kumas
Employee Happiness Expert

With my background in Facility Management, I have always been the link between different departments such as HR and Facility Management. I provide more connection within the departments for more job happiness!


Lisanne Rebergen
Employee Happiness Expert

With my background in psychology, I have a drive to help and advise clients to the best of my ability! Coaching and guiding people contributes a valuable stone to job happiness within organizations. That motivates me very much!


Esthel Jurg
Employee Happiness Expert

With 10 years of experience as an HR manager, I know exactly how to communicate with clients. I prefer to be involved in promoting job happiness, vitality and servant leadership. Inspired and engaged employees are worth their weight in gold!


Celine Lustig
Senior Employee
Happiness Expert

As a certified Chief Happiness Officer and Corporate Happiness Coach, I help companies motivate their employees for greater engagement and better results by integrating well-being and happiness at work into their business strategies!


Lamar Resida
Customer Support

With my background in IT and love of helping others, I am proud to work as a Happiness Support Specialist at 2DAYSMOOD! I help our clients from various organizations get the most out of our software tool by providing advice and guidance.


Sharissa Nanhekhan
Marketing –

Within 2DAYSMOOD, I am proud to contribute to the work happiness of others. With 2DAYSMOOD’s happiness meter, we give each employee an anonymous voice to continuously strive for a better work environment.


Jeremias Mayor
Visual- &
UX Designer

I absolutely love the idea of my design contributing to happiness in organizations. I am a design fanatic in the field of user experience and want to make a real contribution to employee happiness! Happy to be a part of the team!


Daphne Scherpenborg
Marketing Trainee

I have a positive and optimistic outlook on life, which makes me an instant fit at 2DAYSMOOD! I am super excited to help organizations increase job happiness and inspire others to get the most out of their work.


Chris van der Vlist
Marketing Trainee

In my ideal world, work happiness is a given and every employee has the opportunity to be themselves in a productive way. I have a passion for creative components within companies, which is fully expressed at 2DAYSMOOD!