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Employee happiness made insightful and actionable

Start leveraging concrete data. Discover key insights for yourself and stay on top of the latest developments so you can make informed HR decisions and implement effective measures.

Employee Happiness Platform 2DAYSMOOD

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Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of HR professionals

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Ask for feedback in any form

Listen to your team with our question modules, which provide insights into job happiness and more, via multi-platform pulse surveys.

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Anonymous response processing

Creating an environment where safe and anonymous feedback can be shared, full of insights that contribute to an improved working atmosphere.

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Integrate with your HR ecosystem

Easy integration with various HRM systems for personnel data and indicators, such as absenteeism and staff turnover.

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Embedded in clear dashboards 

User-friendly dashboards show all the information needed to make informed choices, seek advice and take action.

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Gelukkige medewerkers zijn cruciaal voor het succes van elke onderneming, gedreven door hun emotionele welzijn

Ze ontplooien zich tot meer toegewijde, productievere werknemers met een diepgewortelde loyaliteit. Maar wat is het geheim om deze staat van tevredenheid voortdurend te voeden? De sleutel schuilt in het diepgaand inzicht verkrijgen in wat hen beweegt en de diverse elementen die hun emotionele welzijn beïnvloeden. 

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Understanding the key factors determining employee happiness for your team

To understand which current and future improvement steps can be taken, we analyse various factors of job happiness. Within our platform, these elements are closely scrutinized and translated into actionable insights.

In collaboration with Utrecht University, we have developed a method that can measure happiness at work through mood, employee satisfaction, engagement and loyalty (eNPS).

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Stemming en emotie





What's your mood 2DAY? 😀

Scan the QR code with your camera or just press the magic button.utton.

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The essential modules for measuring job happiness

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Mood pulse

Understanding emotional state within 15 seconds through the Russell Circumplex Model. Easily tunable to any frequency and effortlessly deployable within all types of teams.

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15 drivers of employee happiness

The analysis identifies 15 essential, scientifically supported drivers of employee happiness. Offer insights into focus areas to increase targeted employee happiness.

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The eNPS module provides insight into your working environment, measures organization appreciation and benchmarks your brand. Crucial for talent management and employer branding.

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In-depth questions

Conduct targeted and efficient measurement with a comprehensive collection of scientifically based and proven surveys that match the core topics of the 15 drivers of employee happiness.

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Discover our theme-specific, scientifically-backed feedback modules

Curious about all questionnaire functionalities and modules?

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User-friendly and flexibly configurable

Customize rights, roles and configurations seamlessly for a platform that meets the specific needs of your organization, regardless of sector or size. This is how we guarantee a perfect match.
Gebruiksvriendelijke oplossing

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Various options for analysing data in multiple areas


HR analytics: discover all the interesting figures and trends for every aspect measured


KPI module: integration with personnel performance indicators and offering forecasts including cost estimates.

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Insights gained are a source of effective dialogues and improvements for the organization

Our data provide the perfect basis for conversations at all levels, from management to individual team members. With the help of a heatmap, we can, for example, analyse which parts of the organization need extra attention.

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Transform insights immediately into concrete actions based on your data and trends


Plan, monitor and evaluate actions


Take advantage of our recommendations

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Seamless integration with your HRM system

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We guide you on the road to customer success

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Personal coaching

Free first-line support


Open education portal

Ready to boost happiness in your organization?

Choose a customized package or take advantage of a no-obligation trial package.


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Spreading employee happiness into practice

Samenwerking 2DAYSMOOD en Facilicom (1)

Facilicom improves employee happiness of 20,000+ employees with 2DAYSMOOD

Facilicom Group was looking for a system that could handle their organizational complexity. With 2DAYSMOOD, they can create both horizontal and vertical analyses and have the freedom to customize surveys at team and organizational level. The real-time dashboard and extensive filtering methods act as a kind of Google Analytics for employee happiness, allowing Facilicom to use valuable data in the long term for both improving employee happiness and recruitment marketing.

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Frequently asked questions

How anonymous is the 2DAYSMOOD survey?

Participation in our survey is 100% anonymous and secure. The tool stores data anonymously, which means that answers cannot be traced back to a single person. Results are displayed at department or team level, including open (voting) answers. By default, a minimum number of 5 answers is required to guarantee anonymity. Not enough answers? Then no data will be shown. Only you have insight into your own answers to the polling question via your personal dashboard. This personal dashboard is protected by a password you choose yourself. Feel free to share your opinion via 2DAYSMOOD, because with honest feedback, the organisation can create an (even) nicer working environment!

How is data stored securely by 2DAYSMOOD?

2DAYSMOOD meets the highest security standards and is ISO-270001 certified, with regular audits in collaboration with Kiwa. We also consistently conduct cybersecurity tests, in collaboration with Capgemini, to keep our defences against digital threats robust.

Moreover, we ensure that all data is encrypted and securely stored. As standard procedure, we store survey data in data centres within the EU for our European clients and within the US for our US clients, in line with the strictest security protocols. Customers also have the option of using their own 'private cloud' for data storage. We use Google Cloud Services for our data centres, a leading company that is not only fully compliant with GDPR guidelines, but also recognised as a certified party of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. This ensures the safe handling of personal information of citizens from the EEA, the UK and Switzerland.


We are happy to help you with any challenge by advising on employee happiness, satisfaction measurement methods and customized solutions, among others.

Martin Meulenkamp

Employee Happiness Expert


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