Better business performance

through Happy Employees

  • Continuously measure satisfaction and engagement
  • Gather relevant feedback in 15 seconds a week
  • Analyze data in smart realtime dashboards

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Better business performance

through Happy Employees

  • Measure engagement non-stop
  • In 15 seconds a week
  • Analyze in realtime

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Engaged employees lead to…


More sales success


Higher productivity


Lower employee turnover


Less sick leave


Less burnouts


More innovation


Measuring employee engagement is the first step to a positive and productive working climate!

Feedback is essential to retain talented employees and thrive as an organization. Our continuous measurement enables you to discuss current issues with your employees, take targeted action, and monitor the impact of your interventions. Moreover you can analyze on team, department, or company level. With 2DAYSMOOD improving employee happiness becomes a joint responsibility.

An innovative and fun alternative for the yearly boring satisfaction survey

What is 2DAYSMOOD?

A continuous feedback loop with employees for more satisfaction and engagement

With a response rate of 75% you will develop a data driven company culture.

Our unique employee engagement tool gathers data on employees’ moods and their drivers of happiness at work. We do this via a fun anonymous 15 second survey. The given feedback can be analyzed in realtime dashboards and weekly reports. In these you can see the current status of stress, engagement and (dis)satisfaction, and identify specific problem areas.

‘Soltegro: our employee Net Promoter Score has increased from 16 to 35’

Our expertise

Our team consists of experts with over 25 years experience in Management, Organizational psychology, HR and IT.

Measuring satisfaction

With our method you can simply start a baseline assessment of satisfaction in your organization and continue with targeted surveys.

Improving engagement

Our weekly reports and dashboards include actionable tips and advice to help increase employee engagement in teams.

Increasing employee happiness

Our tool measures more than satisfaction. By also analyzing emotions, we get a complete view of employee happiness.

Employee Happiness Model

With extensive research and experience we have identified 15 measurable drivers that impact employee happiness.

Management advice

Our organizational psychologist, HR and happiness experts will provide you with sustainable solutions for a positive work environment.

Talent analysis

Working from your talents increases employee engagement. Meet our Gallup certified coach for a Clifton Strengths Assessment.

HR experts about 2DAYSMOOD

By using 2DAYSMOOD we have been able to get a clear view on essential topics for our employees. Subjects like happiness at work, stress and job satisfaction are now much easier to discuss.”

Simon Klop

Managing Partner, YSE

“Because of 2DAYSMOOD we were able to notice the effectiveness of the changes on the overall mood and engagement, consequently helping us define specific action points.”

Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn

HR Manager, Batenburg Techniek

I believe that chronic lack of feedback is a huge management shortcoming, and I feel that a system like 2DAYSMOOD, that directly and thoughtfully addresses the issue, can be positive for organizations.

Victor Lipman

Author & Executive Coach, Howling Wolf

Start improving employee engagement today!