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Analyze Employee Engagement and

Happiness at Work with 2DAYSMOOD


Improve team performance, company culture

and your business KPIs today!

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Analyze Employee Engagement and Happiness at Work with 2DAYSMOOD


Improve team performance,

business profits and wellbeing!

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What is 2DAYSMOOD?

A continuous feedback loop with employees

2DAYSMOOD is the innovative, effective and fun method to measure employee engagement and happiness at work. Our app sends out an anonymous 15 second survey to employees throughout the whole organization. It collects reliable realtime data on emotions, values and motivations. For instance on job satisfaction, stress, work-life balance, value of leadership, and internal communication. The survey questions from our Employee Happiness Model are based on academic research. We analyze the gathered feedback in smart online dahsboards with heatmaps and an eNPS score. Additionally teams receive a weekly mood report with tips from our organizational psychologists, HR and change experts. They can take immediate action to reduce stress, increase energy and improve team performance!

Invest in your company culture. Analyze and improve engagement and happiness in 15 seconds a week.


Happy Employees, Happy Customers

How to engage employees? Start with realtime insight, feedback and measurable actions.

Both research and practice have shown that happy and engaged employees consequently lead to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity, better business performance, more satisfied customers, less burnouts, lower employee turnover and a competitive advantage on the job market. In short, 2DAYSMOOD helps organizations thrive through happy employees!  We offer a data driven investment in the development of your organizational culture and business KPIs by creating realtime insight in job satisfaction. With a response rate of 75% you can implement a relevant feedback loop with all your employees. The yearly boring employee satisfaction survey or stressful performance appraisal becomes a fun weekly survey! Short and effective.


Higher productivity


More sales success


Less burn-outs


Less sick leave

Watch how happiness at work can rise to 80%

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Our services

At 2DAYSMOOD we are passionate about solving problems for our clients. We offer a number of services related to the use of the tool to make sure you reach your goals.

Company questions

Together with you, we create a question set that provides the perfect framework for your organization.

Corporate Cartoons

A live cartoonist creates fun content for the users that is based on your company values and mission.

Helpdesk support

All team managers can call a managers helpdesk at any time for advice on the results.

Alert service

We pro-actively monitor your results and make contact when set parameters are reached.

Management call

We provide each manager with a monthly call with a 2DAYSMOOD consultant to discuss the results.

Deep dive analysis

Receive a monthly or quarterly hand written trend and highlight report from a 2DAYSMOOD data analist.

By using 2DAYSMOOD we have been able to get a clear view on essential topics for our employees. Subjects like happiness at work, stress and job satisfaction are now much easier to discuss.”

Simon Klop

Managing Partner, YSE

“Because of 2DAYSMOOD we were able to notice the effectiveness of the changes on the overall mood and engagement, consequently helping us define specific action points.”

Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn

HR Manager, Batenburg Techniek

I believe that chronic lack of feedback is a huge management shortcoming, and I feel that a system like 2DAYSMOOD, that directly and thoughtfully addresses the issue, can be positive for organizations.

Victor Lipman

Author & Executive Coach, Howling Wolf

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  • analyzing trends related to mood and employee engagement
  • taking action with use of our knowledge resources and advice

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