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Create a culture where people matter

The greatest asset of any organization, is its people.
Having employees and teams who are motivated to do their best work and are committed to the organization, is the key to success.

By using 2DAYSMOOD, HR and team managers will become more aware of the value of wellbeing and employee engagement.
Putting people first is a great way to achieve sustainable growth for your organization, and 2DAYSMOOD is a great way to get started.

How does 2DAYSMOOD work

One question more and more organizations are asking themselves is ‘How do we create a culture of highly engaged and happy employees?’ At 2DAYSMOOD, we help organizations to improve their employee engagement, happiness and well-being through an innovative 15-second survey®

Via short and fun weekly interactions, the 2DAYSMOOD survey gathers valuable insights in how people feel at work and why. These insights in emotions and engagement levels of your employees spark actions big and small, which consequently improve the overall working experience. The results are presented real-time in an online management dashboard.

Employees receive weekly team reports that aims to inspire individuals and teams to take action to increase their own happiness at work, via data-driven advise and tips. And to complete our approach, 2DAYSMOOD HR experts assist and support (HR) managers to secure the follow-up of the results. More features

Our services

At 2DAYSMOOD we are passionate about solving problems for our clients. We offer a number of services related to the use of the tool to make sure you reach your goals.

Company questions

Together with you, we create a question set that provides the perfect framework for your organization.

Corporate Cartoons

A live cartoonist creates fun content for the users that is based on your company values and mission.

Helpdesk support

All team managers can call a managers helpdesk at any time for advice on the results.

Alert service

We pro-actively monitor your results and make contact when set parameters are reached.

Management call

We provide each manager with a monthly call with a 2DAYSMOOD consultant to discuss the results.

Deep dive analysis

Receive a monthly or quarterly hand written trend and highlight report from a 2DAYSMOOD data analist.

Our holistic approach

We are working together with

By using 2DAYSMOOD we have been able to get a clear view on the most current and relevant topics for our employees. We use the weekly report during our one-to-one meetings as well as the team meetings. This way topics like happiness at work, stress and job satisfaction have become much easier to discuss.

Simon Klop

Managing Partner, YSE

It simply works. It is an effective and easy way to communicate your daily feeling within your organisation.

Lydia Quirschfeld

Senior Coordinator, Gartner

I believe that chronic lack of feedback is a huge management shortcoming, and I feel that a system like the one offered by 2DAYSMOOD, that directly and thoughtfully addresses the issue, can be positive for organizations.

Victor Lipman

Author, Executive Coach & Trainer, Howling Wolf Management Training

2DAYSMOOD is a great tool to have continuous insight in the happiness of employees. It helps to focus on topics that really matter to employees.”

Ebba Roessingh

HR & Talent Manager, YSE

“Ever since we started to have this frequent conversation with each other, the number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 86% over a period of 5 months, and this positive trend continues.”

Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo Team

“Because of 2DAYSMOOD we were able to notice the effectiveness of the changes on the overall mood and engagement, consequently helping us define specific action points.”

Jeannette Kool-Hoogendoorn

HR Manager, Batenburg Techniek

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