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Your team is the core of your business, do you know their needs?

Understanding what your team members are passionate about is essential. This will transform them into driven, creative and efficient employees with a strong connection to your organization.

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Happy team members, the foundation of a healthy company culture and success

In a world full of diversity, your team's needs are constantly changing. With 2DAYSMOOD, get the right feedback easily and quickly, so you can create a work culture where everyone feels heard and valued.

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Find out how our platform helps improve job happiness

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Ask the right question at the right time

Lightning-fast pulse measurements that provide a wealth of information within 15 seconds or thorough, pre-constructed questionnaires.

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Always access current data and spot trends

Stop waiting for external analysis; get immediate access to insights as soon as they are relevant.

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From data to action, targeted progress

Help decipher the data, receive smart advice and outline action plans.

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Scientifically based

The key pillars in our methodology are the Russell's Circumplex model and the Employee Happiness Model. With the Russell's Circumplex model, we measure mood and stress in the organization. The Employee Happiness Model measures underlying reasons for mood as well as satisfaction and engagement.

The Employee Happiness Model, developed in collaboration with Utrecht University, finds its scientific basis in the Job Demands-Resources theory, PERMAH model and in Herzberg's motivation theory. In addition, all drives are substantiated in various scientific studies on job satisfaction, turnover, and absenteeism.


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Capitalize on the latest HR developments

The working world is changing, which impacts the needs and expectations of your team. With 2DAYMOOD, you gain insight into the needs and wants in your team and discover how to effectively improve their employee happiness.

Battle for talent

Hybrid working

Gen Z and millennial

Psychological safety

Work relationship dissatisfaction

Staff turnover

Mental health

Work and personal stress

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Understanding at various levels

Perform analyses at different organizational levels. Whether this is a puzzle or has a clear structure, the results are always easy to understand and available. This gives you insight into where action is needed.

HR Ecosystem

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Easy to fit into the existing ecosystem

What HRM systems are supported?

Avoid manual uploading thanks to automatic employee synchronization with, among others:

check-closed Workday
check-closed Visma
check-closed SDWorx
check-closed AFAS
If your HRM system is not listed please contact us at

What communication channels can we use?

Our integrations include Slack, MS Teams and email. Of course, you can also use our 2DAYSMOOD app (Android & Apple store).

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Unlock superior insight with integrated KPIs

Don't just focus on absenteeism and turnover rates, but link them to workplace happiness data to directly visualize the benefits of your actions and investment in employee wellness.

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We are happy to help you with any challenge by advising on employee happiness, satisfaction measurement methods and customized solutions, among others.

Martin Meulenkamp

Employee Happiness Expert


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Free consultation

Please fill out the form as completely as possible for a personalized, customized consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


2DAYSMOOD is a flexible real-time survey platform to measure moods, employee engagement and job happiness. Learn more about 2DAYSMOOD on our about us page.

What scientific basis does the measurement method have?

The measurement of mood is based on American psychologist Russell's scientific model "The Circumplex Model of Emotional Classification. The 2DAYSMOOD Employee Happiness model for measuring drives is based on an extensive literature review, existing MTO/MBOs and years of HR and organizational psychology expertise in the 2DAYSMOOD team. Both components have also been validated in collaboration with Utrecht University for completeness and applicability to the (international) work environment.

Are there best practices from other organizations with 2DAYSMOOD?

2DAYSMOOD works with many organizations, large and small, in various sectors and countries. We are in close contact with them, learning from their experiences and needs. This way we optimize our product and inspire new customers.

Through these customer stories and some interviews, you can read from the perspective of directors, HR managers, team leaders and partners how 2DAYSMOOD helps them create the best possible working climate in organizations.