How sustainable is your working climate?

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The labor market is changing rapidly: employees change jobs more often and there is a huge shortage in the market. High demands are made on employers and the departure of an employee is the last thing you want. That is why you must bind current and future talent to your organization with sustainable employment.


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What does the measurement look like?

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Sustainable employment: a future-proof working climate

  • Why sustainable employment now?
  • Utrecht University research + 6 factors
  • How do you become a sustainable employer yourself?

6 factors of Sustainable Employment

1. Workload

How do employees experience balance between their tasks and the time they have?

2. Cohesion

To what extent is there closeness and promoting group behavior of employees?

3. Management support

Do employees experience enough support and inclusivity from managers?

4. Extra Role Behavior

Do employees show intrinsically motivated behavior that benefits the organization?

5. Career opportunities

What opportunities do employees have to grow and work longer with the organization?

6. Engagement

To what extent are employees committed and willing to go the extra mile?


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