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Discover with eNPS if your team truly supports you as passionate representatives

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measures the extent to which employees recommend your company. This score provides immediate insight into your team's loyalty and commitment.

Why measure eNPS with 2DAYSMOOD?

Develop organizational awareness with continuous feedback


Support HR decisions with data and measurable ROI


Improve workplace happiness with cost-effective, targeted solutions

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Happy team members: the foundation of a healthy company culture and business success

Understanding what excites your team members is essential. This transforms them into driven, creative, and efficient employees with a strong connection to your organization.

What is really happening on the work floor? Listen to your employees and discover their motivations for greater workplace happiness with our 15-second employee satisfaction survey.

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Why are internal ambassadors so important?

The Employee Net Promoter Score provides in-depth insight into how your employees experience the organization, also known as employee experience. Those willing to recommend you as an employer show a higher degree of inner drive and are significantly more motivated and dedicated. Their enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, not only within teams but also plays a crucial role in attracting new talent and customers. Recent research shows that your own employees increasingly play a key role in successfully attracting new talent. This makes eNPS the most crucial KPI for your company.

In summary, employees who act as ambassadors for your organization drive growth. The Employee Net Promoter Score reveals the number of ambassadors within your organization and provides insight into areas for improvement!


“Our eNPS has increased from 16 to 35. I consider this a huge compliment because it means more and more of our employees are becoming engaged ambassadors for Soltegro. By regularly calculating our eNPS, we gain actionable insights for improvement!”

Hans de Man

CEO, Soltegro

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How to perform an eNPS calculation?

To do an eNPS calculation, you only need one question: "How likely is it that you recommend [organization] as a good employer to others?" You can send this question to your employees in 15 seconds. They then give a score on a scale of 1 to 10. If employees give a 1 to 6, they are detractors. Employees who give a 7 or an 8 are considered passives. If they give a 9 or 10, those are your ambassadors.

To calculate the eNPS, the tool automatically makes a calculation: the % promoters - the % detractors = the eNPS. So imagine, 60% of your employees rate you as an employer a 9 or 10, then you have 60% ambassadors. If 15% give you a 1 to 6, you have 18% detractors. Your eNPS is then: 60% - 15% = 45.

To offer some perspective: in 2019 the average eNPS in the Netherlands was 42. Not there yet? Don't stress, there are countless ways you can improve your eNPS. Starting to measure employee satisfaction is one of them!

60% ambassadors - 15% critics = an eNPS of 45

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Ask the right question at the right time

Lightning-fast pulse surveys that provide a wealth of information in just 15 seconds, or thorough, pre-assembled questionnaires.

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Always access current data and spot trends

Stop waiting for external analyses; get immediate access to insights as soon as they are relevant.

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From data to action, make targeted progress

Get help deciphering the data, receive smart advice, and map out action plans.

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Insight at various team levels with HR dashboards and benchmarks

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Easily integrates into the existing ecosystem

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Unlock superior HR insights with integrated KPIs

Whitepaper: Calculate eNPS and Increase Engagement in 3 Steps

Start building a culture of excellence today!

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Vinkje Los 2 Discover what matters: satisfaction and the reasons behind it

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“What appeals to us about 2DAYSMOOD is the ability to perform both horizontal and vertical analyses of the data. Additionally, you have a lot of freedom in designing the surveys. From organization-wide surveys to team-level measurements."

Boudewijn Trompert

Senior Recruitment Marketer, Facilicom



"What we see, for example, is that internal changes are immediately reflected in the data. This is very helpful, of course, as it makes it easy to start the conversation."

Lale Izmirli

People Operations Professional, CarCollect


We are happy to help you with any challenge by providing advice on topics such as workplace happiness, satisfaction measurement methods, and custom solutions.

Martin Meulenkamp

HR Employee Happiness Expert

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