Feedback for and by employees

Encourage team collaboration and development

85% of working people in the Netherlands indicate, according to research, that feedback from employees helps with personal development and growth. So not only should managers give feedback to employees, but colleagues should give each other feedback as well! When feedback is given in the right way, it ultimately leads to excellent performance within teams.

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Feedback between employees increases performance

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions”, according to leadership expert Ken Blanchard. But as the leader of a team, how can you encourage feedback among yourselves? Only then will you know if you are functioning well as a team. Not only according to your own perception, but also according to everyone you work with. One annual feedback meeting is then not enough. Because feedback between employees should in fact be recurring!

2DAYSMOOD has therefore developed an innovative 360° team feedback measurement. With this, feedback between employees comes alive in your organization.



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Why is team feedback important?

With the 360 degree team feedback measurement you can gather targeted feedback from internal and external parties. Through the simple online survey you ask your most relevant stakeholders questions about the functioning of your team, expectations, division of roles and concrete points for improvement. For example to feedback providers such as partners and customers. But also to colleagues from other departments, board members and the team members themselves. Then within one week you will have the results as a team and you can get to work!

Research shows that adding an external perspective via a 360° measurement is effective. In fact, teams will then set measurable and specific goals.

Goal-oriented teams

Happy customers

37% more sales success

Sales teams with high engagement perform 37% better

45% increase in productivity

In teams with happy employees, productivity increases by 45%

250% more sales

Intrinsically motivated employees bring in relatively 2.5x more sales

How feedback makes employees grow

Feedback is a recipe for growth and development. Indeed, for managers, it is an essential part of leadership. But giving and receiving feedback is also important for employees. By encouraging feedback between employees, you create a positive and open culture. By doing so, you offer employees the tools to improve their performance. In this way, your organization becomes a learning organization, in which continuous development and growth are central. And that is essential in the current labor market to retain your staff.

With the 2DAYSMOOD tool and feedback module, employees give each other feedback in a simple and fast way. But you can also acquire feedback from external stakeholders. This way you know exactly where development opportunities lie and you can grow faster and further!

When feedback arises between employees, continuous development and growth is central

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