A more connected workspace

A connected workspace is essential for a successful organization. Especially for fast-growing organizations, employee engagement is important. It is becoming increasingly difficult to gauge what is happening among employees. Blue Current is an innovative company and has grown rapidly from 10 to 50 employees.

The organization provides smart software, charging points and services that accelerate the transition to sustainable transport for both business and home. Within Blue Current, solutions are thought of, and customer service is essential. To provide good customer-oriented service, satisfied employees are important. Read below how Sannah de Brouwer, Employee Experience Manager of Blue Current, creates more connection in the workplace.

‘Work hard, but also have fun!’

Blue Current has been measuring job happiness with the 2DAYSMOOD software tool since the team consisted of only 10 employees. The organization continuously strives for a culture of connection where employees feel free to express themselves. With the aim of increasing job happiness and vitality within the organization and ensuring a good work-private balance.

Blue Current puts work happiness high on its agenda. The organization attaches great value to 'work hard, but also have fun!' "A startup involves a lot of work and a lot of responsibility for one person. We must make sure that people do not overload themselves with work and that you also have fun in your work and not just work hard. That is why 2DAYSMOOD is the perfect solution for this."

Measure employees' mood anonymously and quickly

As the organization grows, it becomes increasingly relevant for employees to express themselves. Previously, two people walked around the Blue Current employees to start the conversation. As the organization grows and there are also people who work from home, it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge what is going on. The software of 2DAYSMOOD provides the optimal solution for this. This allows everyone to anonymously and quickly indicate how they are doing. This provides insight and tools to take targeted action.

More connected workspace with a employee surveys

  • Actively listening to employee feedback
    The results of the 2DAYSMOOD survey are shared with Blue Current's employees weekly. Blue Current then immediately indicates how they respond from the organization. If the survey shows that a particular department is experiencing more stress, for example, they indicate that they have noticed and what they will do that week to reduce it. If employees are really struggling with something, HR's door is always open to discuss it.
  • Brainstorming session based on employee feedback and baseline measurement
    Blue Current holds quarterly meetings to discuss the company's objectives in more detail. The initial assessment was discussed in detail and followed by a brainstorming session to address improvement points. Employee feedback is used to refine the objectives.
  • Reminders for everyone's 15-second feedback
    Blue Current wants to include everyone and will keep reminding colleagues to make their voices heard. This especially applies to part-timers who have Blue Current as a side job. A reminder on the coffee machine or in Teams helps to encourage everyone to fill out the 2DAYSMOOD survey.
  • Express appreciation to the employees
    The 2DAYSMOOD software tool helps Blue Current to show the employees that they have an employer that truly cares about them. They try to say this as much as possible in a personal way, but an independent HR tool where everyone can express themselves anonymously, helps with this.
  • Real-time insight to act on immediately
    Blue Current instantly addresses problems within the organization. Real-time insight within the tool provides means to tackle the problem right away. “For example, an employee mentioned that it was too much and very busy in the department. Based on that, we immediately made some adjustments to ensure that the workload was lower. It was nice that we could act on it right away and address it with the whole company. That we really look at the answers and act on it if it lies within our span of control.”
  • Surprising outcomes
    Although Blue Current is aware of what is going on in the team from the executive level, the employee satisfaction survey still always provides surprising outcomes. “We always find it interesting when we do a baseline, mood, or eNPS measurement, that sometimes very surprising outcomes come out. Things that you yourself did not expect.”
  • Insights on trends
    The trends within Blue Current are closely related to the work being done. Mainly in customer happiness, the largest group. The trends follow the staffing and workload.
  • Opportunities for feedback to employees
    Although the 2DAYSMOOD tool guarantees 100% anonymity, the admin of the tool can also choose for the employee to include their name, so that personal feedback can be given.

Added value of 2DAYSMOOD

  • Personal attention and involvement
    “I really appreciate that you are so accessible and also personal. That you really think along with the customer to make sure we use the tool in the best way possible. That I really find of added value.”
  • Sharing knowledge with other companies
    At the last kick-off of 2022, 2DAYSMOOD organised a knowledge event for HR professionals to share and inspire. “That was really interesting to also hear from other companies, how they deal with it and with what kind of questions they are dealing with.”
  • Surprising valuable modules
    “Today I looked at the different modules again because we are looking for a survey regarding the feedback cycle of the employees and I was again surprised how many modules are in it. And also the on- and offboarding that we do not yet use while that is super valuable for employees to fill in. I think it's great that this is also in the tool.”
  • Continuous innovation
    The software and service of 2DAYSMOOD is continuously improved. “It's great that you are always innovating in what the customer also asks for.”
  • Support
    The 2DAYSMOOD software tool provides a lot of data and insight into the mood of employees despite quick and simple measurements. This is supported by 2DAYSMOOD with a team of dedicated account managers, admin training, education, exercises, events, and a community.

Optimal utilization of the 2DAYSMOOD employee satisfaction survey

In times of tight labor market, HR department is now busier than ever. This is also true for Sannah. How do you ensure that the employee satisfaction survey is properly implemented and that you are not alone in this?

• Shared responsibility within the organization
Transferring responsibility ensures that multiple people are involved. This way you don't have to go it alone and you can all look at it together. The admin trainings of 2DAYSMOOD are ideal for taking new colleagues or managers of the tool with you in the many possibilities that the tool offers.
• Intrinsic motivation from HR professionals
Sannah's enthusiasm also inspires others to fill out the 2DAYSMOOD pulse survey: "The most important thing is that you really stand behind it, promote it yourself and fill it out yourself. That you are intrinsically motivated to implement it from your role as an HR professional. Then you don't need the whole MT or FT on board. If you are inspired, enthusiastic and motivated yourself, it will rub off on the rest."

Do you want to create more connection and employee engagement like Blue Current? With 2DAYSMOOD you can measure quickly, simply, and innovatively how employees are doing. Want to know more? Take a look at how it works!

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Happy employees make happy customers

These (HR) managers use 2DAYSMOOD and make real impact!

How? Our measuring method is the renewed employee survey, because it’s faster, easier and science based. A continuous source of data with which you can improve your (team) culture step-by-step and increase employee happiness. In short, that is profitable for your organization!

jan herman, 2daysmood

Jan-Herman Hanskamp

HR director, Royal Rotra Group
"2DAYSMOOD is highly valuable, because you gain continuous insight into your company culture, collect targeted feedback and are able to see trends."
emma sluman, 2daysmood

Emma Sluman

Project manager sustainable employability, ProRail
"Since we use 2DAYSMOOD every week, we have more grip on our culture. For instance, the experience of workload and what drives employees."

Rita Blankenberg

HR Business Partner Digital, Municipality Alphen a/d Rijn
“The look and feel is happy and the data is useful. For example, the continuous feedback divided into teams, shows you exactly what you can improve.”
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Robin Gerritsen

Director Recruitment, Tempo-Team (Randstad)
“Firstly the number of happy employees has increased from 66% to 80% in five months. And secondly we continue to see a positive trend!”

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