Improve mood and performance in your team!

“Compared to the baseline measurement, we have had a fantastic year. Our employee Net Promoter Score has risen from 16 to 35.”

– Hans de Man, CEO Soltegro

Free team measurement of mood, satisfaction and commitment!

Is there a lot of stress and dissatisfaction in your team or organization? Or are your people full of energy and enthusiasm? What is this about? And how can you tackle the problems? Discover it with 2DAYSMOOD!

You can start a free baseline measurement with 6 to 25 people. You anonymously evaluate your moods and the current and desired status of 4 drivers of engagement (leadership, relationship with direct manager, relationship with colleagues, social values). This way you discover where the points for improvement lie for your team.

What is the 2DAYSMOOD free baseline measurement?

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We have developed this trial version of 2DAYSMOOD, so that you as a director, HR manager or team leader can test whether our realtime measurement method fits your organization. Our innovative 15 second survey, realtime analysis tools and a few modules (mood, eNPS, ‘people drivers’) are available for this.

After week 1 you will see (anonymous) results in a realtime dashboard and in a weekly mood report for the team. After 6 weeks you have set  your baseline within the theme ‘people’ including the employee Net Promoter Score!

With a minimum of 6 people you can start easily to substantially improve employee moods and team performance.

Start a free measurement!

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The free baseline measurement in short

Choose your test group

With which colleagues will you make a first scan of work happiness and satisfaction in your team or organization? You can choose an unlimited number of (enthusiastic) participants. Also think of support from HR or management.

15 Second survey

Every week, participants receive an anonymous 15 second survey via email or app. The survey consists of 3 steps with questions about mood and satisfaction. Via a weekly report you will receive interim insight into the captured moods.

Analyzing data

After 6 weeks the baseline is set. In the data dashboards you can now see where the success factors and problem areas are in your working environment. The result is a blueprint for specific interventions and follow-up measurements.

How does the 15 second survey work?

Step 1: Mood

How do you feel at work today? Employees can choose from several science based emotions. By monitoring people’s mood, you can prevent longterm stress or dissatisfaction.

Step 2: Drivers of work happiness

The second question digs into the drivers of work happiness, such as leadership and relationship with colleagues. We measure their level of satisfaction and importance.

Step 3: Thank you!

We always end with a positive or funny message. Our tool includes a variety of inspiring quotes and cartoons. The reward encourages participants to keep filling in the survey for a high response.

How can you analyze results?

The anonymous feedback that you collect in the 15 second surveys is sent back to you in a weekly report and realtime dashboard.

  • Mood percentages: how are the moods in your team from week to week?
  • Mood trends: how do stress or employee happiness levels develop over time?
  • Driver scores: what is the level of satisfaction with ‘social values’ or ‘leadership’?
  • eNPS score: would your employees recommend their own employer to others?
  • Tips and advice: how can you deal with stress or low energy levels in your team?

How to continue after the trial?

Did you find your focus points during the free trial? And have you initiated the first improvements in your team or organization? Then you can use the complete version of 2DAYSMOOD to monitor the effect of your actions, both in the short and long term. Or do you want to investigate all 15 drivers of employee happiness and find specific subjects for improvement at the organizational, team and personal level? You can upgrade at any time for access to unlimited surveys, question modules, analysis tools and e-learning content.