Measure employee satisfaction

Dissatisfied employees can have a huge impact on the atmosphere at work and overall business performance. They also damage the brand of the organization. How do you monitor, improve and maintain a high level of employee satisfaction?

Avoid boredom, work stress, and burnout

At the start of their career, employees do not think of a career in which boredom, long-term stress, and burnout can occur. Nevertheless, around one million people now run the risk of burnout and other work-related psychological complaints. And that’s pretty strange. Your job should not make you sick. Organizations that are known for having strong employer brands help their employees to prevent work-related health problems by listening well and responding to their ambitions and personal drivers and general mood at work.

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Employee satisfaction ensures 66% less sick leave


With satisfied employees, personnel turnover reduces by 59%

Measure satisfaction efficiently and effectively

How do your employees feel in the workplace? Is there a high level of stress or energy and engagement? To retain talented staff and high-performing teams and to ensure that employees stay productive and healthy, it is important to gain insight into their moods and drivers of work happiness. Not once a year with a time-consuming and inefficient Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), but continuously. This way you can always stay on top of the the latest internal developments and address them proactively.

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2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Victor Lipman

Author & Executive Coach, Howling Wolf
And publishes on Forbes and Psychology Today

“In my experience, the chronic shortage of feedback is a major shortcoming in management. Innovative systems such as 2DAYSMOOD can have a positive effect on organizations. “

Weekly 15 second survey

Our 15 second survey helps organizations to continuously collect feedback about moods and employee engagement. With an average response rate of 70%, the anonymous survey offers very reliable feedback, which makes our innovative method the better alternative to boring, annual ‘snapshot’ surveys. Our measurement method is 100% anonymous and secure, data-driven and science based. With 2DAYSMOOD, managing employee engagement becomes easier, more fun and more effective.

Read more about the 15 second survey, weekly mood reports and our smart HR dashboard in our free brochure.

Realtime insight in employee satisfaction?

This is possible with our super fast online survey, weekly reports and realtime analysis dashboards. You can create your desired feedback loop on personal, team, department and organization level.

What else can you do with 2DAYSMOOD? Think of monitoring stress levels, measuring employee engagement, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score and stimulating employee happiness through e-learning. We are happy to show you all the options!

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