Measure employee satisfaction

How to measure employee satisfaction?

How do your employees generally feel on the work floor? Is there a high level of stress, energy or engagement? To retain talented personnel and well-performing teams, it is important te get insight in the moods and drivers of employees.

Not once a year in a time-consuming employee satisfaction survey, but continuously. Our fun, short and realtime satisfaction measurement with a 75% response rate can be an effective tool.

Innovative method for feedback

I believe that chronic lack of feedback is a huge management shortcoming. Innovative systems like 2DAYSMOOD can have a positive impact on organizations.

Victor Lipman
Author & Executive Coach, Howling Wolf

Realtime measurement employee satisfaction

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This is Martin Meulenkamp, our HR & Change Expert. “It is my goal to answer your questions regarding employee engagement. I will gladly use my experience in HR and Change management to help you find an effective and sustainable solution. Insights from our 15 second survey will help in our search!”


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An end to the fluffiness in employee happiness

Academic research proves that happiness at work is measurable, with mood as a key indicator.


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How to recognize employee satisfaction in your organization

How dissatisfied, satisfied or engaged your employees are can be a huge factor in the overall work ambience and team performance levels. Let me introduce you to three types of employees.

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