From Crisis to a (remote) New Normal?

Engage Employees in times of Change!

How are your teams experiencing this period? What should be improved when working at (6 feet) distance? By continuously collecting employee feedback, you can co-create the most positive new normal. With our realtime monitor you put people first and use actionable data to build a future-proof culture and company!

Create connection in a time of distance

We can help you with our free Realtime Monitor and simple start-up plan!

Due to the crisis situation, we are working in uncertainty and remotely. This is exhausting for employees, so connection, transparency and trust remain essential! But as a CEO, HR or team leader you think ahead. How do you get out of this survival mode while stress and dissatisfaction are a real threat?

Start by understanding your reality.

  • What is the positive and negative impact of the crisis in your team(s)?
  • Do employees still feel motivated and engaged?
  • Where can you improve step by step to perform optimally again?

With our fast anonymous surveys you continuously receive reliable feedback.

At team level you quickly and continuously gather data on the proven factors that determine a healthy working climate.

Mood & Employee Wellbeing

(Remote) Work experience

Organizational Support & Trust

Communication & Connection

Asking teams for feedback is essential!

We make that process as easy, reliable and fun as possible. How the Monitor works? Employees complete a simple survey within 60 seconds, via email or app, completely anonymously. Participants then receive a team report with the anonymized data every week. This feedback is a proven tool to stimulate open and sincere communication and actions in (remote) teams and organisations.

Next, you can measure the effect of your actions with our in-depth surveys. In the realtime data dashboard you can see the total overview of feedback, scores with priority, trends and differences between teams!

This allows you to respond quickly and adjust. So you can successfully navigate to a new normal, in co-creation and with support of employees.

These organizations are creating the best possible culture!

2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Ineke van Cleef, Team manager, Univé

“The results from the Remote Experience surveys really helped us. Despite this special period of working from home, the atmosphere is good. That’s good to know! Because now we can stay away from the assumptions that our employees are stressed and tired of working remotely. Through continuous measurement, we have a reliable source to monitor and demonstrate employee happiness.”

Using Science to build a Sustainable, Engaged and Remote Culture

Scientific research proves that happy and engaged employees ensure organizational success. But in these uncertain times, the factors that influence employee happiness and engagement are changing. The survey questions of our Monitor have therefore been developed after extensive research and meta-analyzes. They are focused on this crisis situation, in which distance and connection play a major role.


Higher productivity


Increase in motivation


More Innovation

Source: Gallup

From Crisis to a connected Remote Culture: Request the free Monitor!

For 4 weeks you will get free access to the Remote Experience Monitor including: fast survey tool (standard questions), secure realtime dashboards, weekly reports and Education platform.

What will the measuring process look like?

  • Week 1: Remote Experience questions (baseline)
  • Week 2-4: Mood & Actions (monitor effect)

How to continue? (optional paid version)

  • Realtime insight stress, excitement, (dis)satisfaction
  • Repeat Remote Experience questions (changes & effect)
  • Open/Custom questions New Normal (co-creation)

After completing the form we will call you to fix the setup!
We just need official approval and participants’ email addresses

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

To help the world, we want to donate all aggregated and anonimized data to research, only for the purpose of analyzing and learning from the impact of the global pandemic on organizations. As a thank you for your participation, on top of valuable insights, you will get access to 2DAYSMOOD’s E-learning center for professional development.

2DAYSMOOD is working with Expert Partners

Juan Carlos Alvarez
COO, Delivering Happiness

“We advise our clients to use 2DAYSMOOD’s measuring method, every leader knows the importance of understanding what is going on with their employees in order to act and impact properly”

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