How do you lead Employees, to emerge Stronger from Uncertainty and Change?

We want to help you positively influence the impact of social distancing and working remotely. How? Check in with your teams quickly, continuously and get feedback on proven relevant topics. Take data-driven action to build an engaged (remote) culture!

In a time of distance we create connection

We find ourselves in a time of uncertainty and that requires extra energy from organizations and all their employees. But one thing is certain: we want to unite and put people first! Because we know having to work from home for an extended period, in isolation or chaos, has impact.

What happens to your employees’ moods, productivity and engagement?
How does it influence the performance and culture of your organization?

2DAYSMOOD and Empatix want to make a positive contribution to all workers by offering a free Monitor. Our solution enables you – as an Organizational Leader – to measure and improve the scientifically vetted factors, that now determine your (remote) culture.

At a team level, you continuously and simply gather data including:

employees’ well-being; commitment to their work; their sense of (dis)trust; empathy of leadership; effectiveness of communication and more…

Checking in with teams is essential!

We make that process as easy, reliable and fun as possible. How the Monitor works? Employees complete a simple survey within 60 seconds, via email or app, completely anonymously. Participating teams then receive a report with their (anonymized) mood data every week. Why? Emotions are the driving force behind our actions and thinking. Opening up about them in a safe (virtual) team environment will spark positive behavior!

Of course, the engaged professional can log in to the realtime data dashboard 24/7, to view and act on the overview of feedback and trends.

You will make use of the proven, 100% secure, online measurement method of 2DAYSMOOD and the People Analytics expertise of Empatix.

Using Science to build a Sustainable, Engaged and Remote Culture

Scientific research proves that happy and engaged employees ensure organizational success. But in these uncertain times, the factors that influence employee happiness and engagement are changing. The survey questions of our Monitor have therefore been developed after extensive research and meta-analyzes. They are focused on this crisis situation, in which distance and connection play a major role.


Higher productivity


Increase in motivation


More Innovation

Source: Gallup

Request the free Remote Experience Monitor here!

For 8 weeks you will get free access to the Monitor including: our fast survey tool (with standard question module), secure realtime dashboards, weekly reports and our E-learning area.

What will the measuring process look like?

  • Week 1: Remote Experience Questions (baseline)
  • Week 2-4: Mood & Effect Monitor
  • Week 5: Remote Experience Questions (changes)
  • Week 6-8: Mood & Effect Monitor

What do we need from you in the setup?
Your official approval and participants’ email addresses

After completing the form we will call you to fix the setup!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

To help the world, we want to donate all aggregated and anonimized data to research, only for the purpose of analyzing and learning from the impact of the global pandemic on organizations. As a thank you for your participation, on top of valuable insights, you will get access to 2DAYSMOOD’s E-learning center for professional development.

2DAYSMOOD is working with Expert Partners

Juan Carlos Alvarez
COO, Delivering Happiness

“We advise our clients to use 2DAYSMOOD’s measuring method, every leader knows the importance of understanding what is going on with their employees in order to act and impact properly”

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