HR & Communication is a knowledge platform and community for professional development, with a focus on people as a driving force in organizations. 2DAYSMOOD has recently become a knowledge partner and actively contributes to the community. Through blogs and events, our team members share knowledge and experience about measuring and improving employee engagement and work happiness. Our managing partners Jan and Martin were interviewed as an introduction.

‘As management and HR you should keep working on a positive working climate. In our opinion, that is the most important condition for employees to perform and for companies to flourish!’

Who are you?

We are Jan Pronk (46, CTO) and Martin Meulenkamp (50, CEO), an enthusiastic entrepreneurial duo with the same vision on organizations: your people are the driving force of your organization. If you no longer know how they are doing or if you no longer listen to them, their positive energy and engagement will definitely plummet. And with that, you steer your company on the path towards the abyss!

We both have more than 20 years of experience in various corporate HR and IT management positions and we literally encountered these (un)human problems too often. Fortunately, when facing problems, something beautiful can arise out of the existing frustration, such as 2DAYSMOOD!

What do you specifically do in the field of HR communication?

With the name of our company, hopefully a bell will ring. “How do you feel at work today?” That is the question we ask countless employees every day through our real-time measuring method of employee engagement and work happiness. By providing insight into mood, satisfaction and engagement in a fast, simple and data driven way, we help organizations to create a continuous feedback loop with employees. As a result, they build a positive working environment.

‘You achieve the best results by exchanging ideas briefly but regularly. Because everything that gets attention grows.’

Where or when did you recently share HR communication knowledge?

Jan: “Within our tool we offer an extensive e-learning environment for employees and managers. The platform full of practical tips and academic knowledge to develop yourself as a professional. For example: tips for dealing with stress, soft skills that you can train yourself for more happiness at work, or best practices about measuring employee satisfaction. Although I am more concerned with the technical side, our organizational psychologist, strategic happiness expert and various research interns provide very useful content. We also share this kind of knowledge outside of our tool in whitepapers and blogs. Of course also on this beautiful platform! ”

Martin: “I speak daily with HR directors or managers from different industries. About extensive cultural changes, but also about the very practical challenges of employee engagement and sustainable employability. I often advise them to make their eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) the most important KPI. First you should find out to what extent your employees are ambassadors of your own organization. With that information as a starting point, you can look at where the pain points lie, the success factors, and how you can improve and maximize them.”

What tip do you want to give HR & Communication members?

Jan: “Make sure you always know what motivates your team and try to influence this positively yourself. My focus is on HR product development, analytics and metrics. So if you use tools, make sure they are “ultra user friendly”! And don’t forget to ask your employees how they are doing face-to-face (or during a game of table tennis). ”

Martin: “I fully agree with Jan. And this really does not have to take much time. You achieve the best results by exchanging ideas briefly but regularly. Because everything that gets attention grows. ”

What question do you have for our community, and for which questions can our members contact you?

Jan: “I am curious how HR professionals in this community use their HR tools or data in practice. To apply figures and feedback and turn them into more happy employees is complex. At 2DAYSMOOD we aim to do this on a daily basis, so we are happy to discuss it! ”

Martin: “Despite my switch from corporate HR director to self-employed, my interest and passion in HR has not diminished. On the contrary. You can come to me if you want to positively transform your organization or team. Themes such as culture, change management, employee engagement and leadership play a substantial role in this.”

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