The expert team of B2B software experts from FinancesOnline has recently recognized our team’s efforts of creating an effective employee engagement solution that helps businesses foster a pleasing work environment, as well as achieve sustainable growth. Thus, we are very pleased to receive a positive score! And what’s more, we have also been awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards due to our platform’s ease of use and positive client reception.

FinancesOnline employs a unique approach to ensure creation of fair and objective analyses for all software solutions in any given category, including their 15 popular HR software. While creating the analysis, the expert team utilizes a SmartScore System algorithm to better analyze and score each element of a product. Some of the key factors are:

  • ease of use
  • mobility
  • integrations
  • other elements greatly valued by customers

That’s why we’re proud to receive the Great User Experience award, as it indicates that 2DAYSMOOD has passed FinancesOnline’s high quality standards for ease of use.

FinancesOnline also awarded 2DAYSMOOD with their Rising Star award for 2018, a recognition for software solutions that have marked a noticeable growth in popularity and are positively perceived by clients. This distinction is complemented by our inclusion in the FinancesOnline HR list and a whopping 100% positive user satisfaction rating, indicating that businesses can truly improve their relationship with employees by using 2DAYSMOOD.

According to FinancesOnline, here are some of the ways 2DAYSMOOD users benefit:

  • Ability to effectively keep track of the prevailing opinions of employees as well as their individual emotions and engagement level.
  • Constructing a clear picture of the factors that influence employee motivation.
  • Utilizing data acquired from the software’s action-feedback loop to implement data-driven actions for improving employee satisfaction, motivation, and engagement.
  • Helping businesses continuously improve company culture and employee engagement.
  • Ease of use enables “users of all types to quickly familiarize themselves with the system.”

Check out FinancesOnline’s website for the full review of our app and share with us how our employee engagement system enhanced your company’s work culture and employee satisfaction! 🙂