Culture-transforming technology engages employees in 15 seconds

From the Netherlands to North America, 2DAYSMOOD is revitalizing the workplace

Buffalo and Rochester, NY, August 12th, 2019 – Rochester, N.Y. entrepreneur and RIT Overseas Adjunct professor Dr. Marvin Deitz has joined the Netherlands based company 2DAYSMOOD as a Managing Partner responsible for the development of North America, advancing its vision and mission to create workplaces with highly engaged employees who are ultimately happier at work. This proprietary cloud-based technology is rooted in a unique combination of organizational psychology and Human Resources (HR) principles. Dr. Deitz is joined by WNY business professional Matt Smith and a team of world class consultants to drive the growth.

The need for more positivity in the workplace

Given today’s extremely low unemployment rate, the acute war for talent, the rise of the millennial worker and increased employee turnover costs, every organization needs to focus on the most positive and productive working climate, in which employees can thrive. When achieving this, as both practice and scientific research tell us, employee turnover and absenteeism will drop, while productivity, wellbeing, motivation and innovation will rocket. The first step towards building this culture, is to gauge employee moods and their drivers consistently and address them continually, rather than as a formality or afterthought.

The founders of 2DAYSMOOD were determined to “break the mold” of the current workplace annual review model. Compelled and guided by decades of research, they realized the value of combining Human Resource principles along with an emotional component to this cutting-edge technology. As a result, the 2DAYSMOOD Employee Happiness Model as well as the Russel Circumplex model of emotional classification were incorporated into the tool, in recognition of the critical role that emotions play in employee engagement.

“In spite of differences in the working culture between the Netherlands and North America, we see no reason why Employee Happiness shouldn’t be the status quo in every organization on the map. With 2DAYSMOOD we want to create that win-win situation for all employers and employees!”
Says Martin Meulenkamp, Co-founder of 2DAYSMOOD.

How the engagement measuring method works

2DAYSMOOD is an anonymous weekly survey administered via company email or app that measures employee moods and their drivers in 15 seconds or less and provides feedback and metrics in real-time. It is quick, easy and fun –providing a lighthearted cartoon when the employee submits the survey. Its supportive Personal Dashboard and self-help E-learning platform allow employees to track the results and trends of their moods; while engaging with articles and videos to become healthier professionally and emotionally. Survey results can be shared anonymously through weekly department reports to all employees, fostering a dialogue that creates immediate positive impact. Additionally, in secured real-time dashboards all data can be analyzed and compared on team, department or organizational level; enabling customized improvement plans for each team.

“Our vision is to truly transform the workplace and change the world –helping all organizations thrive with happier and engaged employees,” says local business consultant and 2DAYSMOOD team member Larry Mietus. “Happy employees lead to happier customers and great business results!”

Buffalo native and partner Matt Smith agrees: “Upstate New York will become the new epicenter for a worldwide cultural shift in the approach to enhanced employee engagement.”