Employee happiness will become the new standard within organizations in the coming years. Preventing work stress and stimulating work happiness and engagement is not only healthy for employees but according to research, also essential for a successful organization. A high level of engagement within employees could result in a 45% increase in productivity and a 59% decrease in staff turnover. One of the most important conditions to create happy and performing employees, is continuous insight in the work happiness level of teams, and how the work environment influences it.  

15 Second survey

To help organizations obtain happy employees, 2DAYSMOOD, an HR Tech startup from Utrecht, developed a realtime measuring method. With an appealing, anonymous 15 second survey, and a smart analysis platform, organizations can create a continuous internal feedback loop. For management, HR, and the employees themselves, the science based survey software delivers practical tools and knowledge to immediately improve the work atmosphere.

2DAYSMOOD is already helping various companies, big and small, with developing a positive working climate. In te beginning of this year the Dutch railway infrastructure manager ‘Prorail’, became a customer with nearly 4500 employees. Besides that, 2DAYSMOOD works together with software suppliers, municipalities, and institutions in education and healthcare. These last two sectors are currently struggling with big HR challenges. Think of staff shortages, high turnover, and high work pressure.

‘With the back-up of statistics, one can make ‘soft subjects’ like employee happiness and work stress more substantial and decisive.’

Investing in people

At the start of the summer it was made public that 2DAYSMOOD raised an investment of 360.000 euros. According to founders Martin Meulenkamp and Jan Pronk, the growth of their company lies simply in the strength of their measuring method. “The measurements happen fast, continuously and in a fun way. With that, you can collect feedback that is reliable and relevant. Managers who use our online analysis platform see the smart but simple offered data as a big advantage. With the back-up of statistics, one can make ‘soft subjects’ like employee happiness and work stress more substantial and decisive. That helps to create awareness amongst employees and convince the management to agree upon more resources, ”says CEO Martin Meulenkamp.

Yet simply developing a good product is often not enough. Jan Pronk adds: “We invested in a complementary team of various competences and ages. Everyone works with passion and a sense of responsibility. It gives us just that extra bit of energy and positivity, a vibe you can feel in our own office and towards our (potential) clients.”

The investment will therefore be used for new talent. “We are searching for people that are going to help further develop the product and people that are going to support our customers even more,” Explains Meulenkamp. “We help our customers translate all the data they receive on their organizational culture into actions. With a data-driven approach like this, it remains essential to start a discussion or reflect face-to-face at the right moments.”

‘Which CEO would not want such a win-win situation in the workplace?’

Future plans

In the upcoming period, 2DAYSMOOD also hopes to continue to grow internationally by expanding their cooperation with American and Australian partners. The next product innovation that will help with this is a link between employee happiness and the KPIs of a company. In the analysis platform of 2DAYSMOOD, organizations can directly link the data about dissatisfaction, stress, and engagement to their own Key Performance Indicators. Consider your figures on turnover and sick leave. Various scientific studies have already proven that there is a positive relationship between these subjects. With the KPI link, the management will discover the significant costs they can save if they invest in the wellbeing of their employees. Which CEO would not want such a win-win situation in the workplace?


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