We are busy, busy, busy! Not only in the workplace, but also in the private sphere. Yet we often continue to work without taking a break. Especially in these uncertain and stressful times of crisis, we see that we are loyal and persistent (home) workers. And those are beautiful qualities, but it is also necessary to regularly balance that stressful life.

And as a proud knowledge partner of OVAL and the Week of Work Stress, 2DAYSMOOD will help working Dutch people, from 16 to 20 November 2020!

Week of Work Stress 2020: the importance of balance

According to TNO’s annual labor monitor, 1 in 5 people has to deal with work-related stress complaints. Especially in 2020, with all the uncertainties, restrictions on social connection and (mandatory) working from home, there is extra pressure on people. Research from 2DAYSMOOD into happiness at work during corona revealed that employees were therefore the least satisfied with work pressure. But the crisis is not over yet and we are still (partially) working from home. So for employers as well as  employees it is important to keep work stress at a low level, to prevent burnouts and to increase job satisfaction in a sustainable way!

Why is 2DAYSMOOD an ambassador and knowledge partner?

The 2DAYSMOOD expert team deals with topics such as job satisfaction, work stress and a healthy organizational culture on a daily basis. As a knowledge partner of OVAL, we want to provide insight into how work stress develops within organizations and which factors underlie it. This information, on an organizational, team and personal level, helps to deploy the right actions and improvement plans. We do this for our customers with our employee survey 3.0, but also for professionals all over the world. After all, we are happy to share our knowledge and experiences in blogs, whitepapers and data reports.

Free work stress measurement: 5 weeks of insight!

Because we want to contribute to a healthy balance in the lives of employees, we offer organizations a free work stress measurement during the Week of Work Stress. It may be that the work stress in your organization is incidental – for example during a busy period. But if you see a trend, and the workload is chronically high, this not only endangers the well-being of your employees, but also that of the organization. Just think of people who drop out because of a burnout, bore-out or people who leave your company because of dissatisfaction.

week van de werkstress
week van de werkstress

Use the 15 second survey

With the 2DAYSMOOD tool you can measure how your employees feel during work and what the causes are in just three steps and 15 seconds per week. This way you always have insight into the (trends of) stress levels at an organizational, team or personal level. Is it just incidental? Or are you moving towards chronic stress? Then it is time for a different approach.

Work pressure or stress in your team (s)? Take advantage of these tips.

We help teams and executives not only collect relevant feedback, but also quickly turn this data into action. We do this through advice and online education. Read the articles below to make use of this expertise and keep an eye on our website and social media channels. We will be sharing much more (data-driven) knowledge around the Week of Work Stress!


10 tips to prevent work stress for employees and managers (Blog)

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The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn turns work happiness into an organizational goal (Best practice)

15 tips to improve the remote employee experience (Visual eBook)

As a knowledge partner of OVAL during the Week of Work Stress, we not only want to create more awareness for work stress, but we also want to encourage action! Do you want to get started measuring the work stress in your organization? Request a demo or brochure. Or click below for a free work stress measurement!

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