Measure Remote Employee Experience to improve engagement and wellbeing

Working in uncertainty and under home-life pressures increases the chance of developing a burnout. This affects the employee’s wellbeing as well as the organization. Stress and loneliness are consequences of working remotely that weaken performance and profits. Measuring the remote employee experience is key to adapt and thrive!

Detect burnout, work stress, and loneliness sooner

At the start of an employee’s remote work experience, there is excitement. But soon, they find their status quo and discover the cons of the home office. They often work more hours than office workers, but have less social connections during the day. This can decrease their sense of fullfilment and job satisfaction and increase the chance of persistent negative emotions leading to a burnout.

A strong focus on mental and physical wellbeing, helps stimulate healthy behavior of employees. Managers should enable workers to influence their own happiness. Focusing on topics such as mood, empathy, trust, connection and work-life balance will help. How are you scoring on these subjects according to employees?

Regular feedback on the employee experience helps to take preventive actions.


less chance of burnout when employers show empathy


decrease in turnover rate when EMPLOYEES CAN work remotely

Continuous insight in the remote employee experience

How do your employees experience working remotely? Are they under a lot of stress or have low energy? To maintain wellbeing and productivity of talented team members, it is important to understand how they are experiencing their remote working conditions. Not by asking them once, but by asking feedback regularly and monitoring in realtime. With our remote experience monitor, you can get rid of assumptions and gain data-driven insight into employees’ mood and the proven drivers of employee happiness.

Why not create the best possible remote working culture, at all levels of your organization! We make that process simple, fast and fun.

2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Ineke van Cleef, Team manager, Univé

“The results from the Remote Experience surveys really helped us. Despite this special period of working from home, the atmosphere is good. That’s good to know! Because now we can stay away from the assumptions that our employees are stressed and tired of working remotely. Through continuous measurement, we have a reliable source to monitor and demonstrate employee happiness.”

Measuring the Remote Experience effectively: try it for free!

Our method enables organizational leaders to improve mood, engagement and the overall (remote) employee experience. How? You start by setting a baseline, monitor in realtime, measure effect and anticipate trends. To put the needs of employees first, their honest feedback on a regular basis is fundamental. Collecting it is easy:

  • Simple & safe employee surveys in less than 60 seconds!
  • Science based questions (mood, engagement, …) and custom questions
  • Weekly reports and realtime dashboards with actionable data
  • 100% Anonymous, at team, department or organizational level


Take immediate action to improve the Remote Experience

The internet is full of tips. But we, as Strategic Happiness Experts, like to combine practical advice with reliable science. The 15 tips in this free visual eBook are therefore backed by the proven Employee Happiness Model and additional scientific studies!

What more can you do with 2DAYSMOOD?

With our fun, science based, online pulse surveys, weekly reports and realtime analysis dashboards, you can create your desired feedback loop on personal, team, department and organization level. 100% safe & anonymous.

Think of monitoring stress levels, measuring employee engagement and its drivers, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score and stimulating employee happiness through an online education platform.

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