Work climate is what motivates employees to enjoy going to work and to continue working for an organization! In this blog we explain why it is important as an employer to consciously pay attention to the work climate of your organization. We also explain how you can improve the work climate by means of a leading psychological theory, namely the ‘Self-Determination Theory’.

Work climate, what is it?

The work climate contains the feeling your employees have when they are at work. It is about how your employees experience the atmosphere in the workplace. Things like cooperation, communication, openness and respect are very important aspects of the working atmosphere. A positive working climate ensures that your employees feel at home and enjoy coming to work. It creates a sense of togetherness, involvement and motivation. As an employer, you get a team of motivated employees who continue to work full of energy.

The importance of a positive work climate

A positive work climate is critical to the success of any organization. This is an aspect of the work culture that should not be underestimated. It is important for employees to feel good in the workplace, this can contribute to the job satisfaction, motivation and involvement of your employees. Next to these advantages, it also offers advantages for the organization itself. A good working atmosphere contributes to higher productivity, lower absenteeism and a lower turnover of employees. As a result, employees can perform better, feel more connected to the organization and are less likely to call in sick. In addition, a positive work climate can contribute to a positive image of the organization, making it more attractive to new employees and customers. A negative work climate can lead to stress, fatigue and demotivation among employees. This in turn can lead to lower productivity, higher absenteeism rates and higher employee turnover.

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Use science to create a positive work climate

One way to create a positive working atmosphere on a scientific basis is to use the psychological theory ‘Self-Determination Theory’. The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) can be linked to “work climate” because it provides guidelines for how organizations on how to create a work environment that supports the psychological needs of employees. This contributes to their motivation, involvement and well-being. Self-Determination Theory is a theory from psychology that focuses on the drivers behind human behavior. A good work climate has everything to do with the psychological needs of employees. According to Self-Determination Theory, humans have an innate need for autonomy, connectedness, and competence.

  • Autonomy: Autonomy is about the freedom to make choices and influence the work you do. A work climate in which employees are given the space to shape their own tasks and responsibilities contributes to this need.
  • Connectedness: Connectedness is about the feeling of relatedness and belonging. In a work climate in which there is open communication and respect for each other, employees feel connected to their colleagues and to the organization.
  • Competence: Competence is about the feeling that you can do something well and that you get recognition for this. A work climate in which employees are given the opportunity to develop and in which there is room for feedback and recognition contributes to this need.

Self-Determination Theory in the workplace

According to Self-Determination Theory, a good working atmosphere is one in which employees experience autonomy, connectedness and competence. This contributes to their psychological well-being and their job satisfaction. As a result, employees experience less stress and are more motivated to do their job well. This in turn has positive consequences for the performance of the organization, such as higher productivity, better collaboration and higher customer satisfaction. Which in turn creates a positive atmosphere at work! Resulting in a win-win situation.

How Self-Determination Theory contributes to a positive work climate

By making conscious use of the Self-Determination Theory in the workplace, you can improve the work climate on the basis of science. Below are some ways in which you can apply the Self-Determination Theory within your organization to create a positive working climate:

  • Offer autonomy and freedom of choice 

Provide employees with a certain degree of autonomy and freedom of choice in the performance of their work. This can be achieved by involving employees in decision-making processes and giving them the freedom to determine their own work schedules and tasks. This increases employees’ sense of control over their own work.

  • Create an environment of connection and involvement

Create an environment in which employees feel involved with the organization and their colleagues. This can be achieved through team building activities, encouraging collaboration and promoting open communication. Building strong relationships in the workplace contributes to a sense of belonging and well-being among your employees.

  • Strengthen the sense of competence and self-confidence

Ensure that employees receive the necessary resources, training and support to do their jobs well. Providing employees with the resources they need to perform their duties well enhances their sense of competence. By offering training, you give employees the opportunity to increase their competence in their job, which strengthens their sense of self-confidence in their work.

Creating a familiar and positive work climate is a continuous process and requires attention and investment from the organization. By integrating the above mentioned elements into the organizational culture, your organization can contribute to a working atmosphere in which your employees feel valued, understood and involved.

Improving work climate? Measurement is key!

If you want to improve the work climate, you must respond to the psychological needs of your employees. You can consciously respond to this by using the Self-Determination Theory. In addition, it is important to know what is going on in your workplace and how your employees feel.

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