Be proactive and encourage loyalty among employees!

“How can I retain current employees and motivate potential candidates to work for us?” Many managers have been wondering this since the job market has become incredibly tight. Engaged and motivated employees make for better business results and yet many companies do not address this structurally. How do you get started with a sustainable human resources policy? Follow these 5 pieces of advice to increase loyalty among employees!

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Advice 1: Focus on onboarding

Encouraging employees to remain loyal to your organization starts on Day 1. Onboarding your employees is extremely important, as it is the first impression someone gets of the company. A personalized induction program helps employees learn all the company processes and creates instant connection. Share the company’s vision, tell which colleagues can provide help and make it clear what the expectations are during the onboarding period.

Advice 2: Transparent communication

Loyalty cannot be fostered without good communication. An employer who communicates in a reliable manner will also build trust among employees. Schedule enough performance reviews where both parties can share their experiences openly, without the tension of consequences. Give compliments and express appreciation for the effort someone puts in. As an employer, also be open to constructive criticism so that it does not feel like a sham to the employee.

Advice 3: Offer perspective

Every person has the need to grow, both personally and professionally. As a good employer, you can offer perspective through advancement opportunities or free training. Give every employee a chance to learn new work, or expand their expertise. Prevent bore-out among staff and keep work interesting!

Advice 4: Invest in ambassadors

Employees have a lot of influence on the opinions of colleagues, so it is important to find some individuals who are willing to play an ambassador role. Invest in those who enjoy promoting the positive aspects of the company and reward them for it. A good work culture starts in the workplace!

Advice 5: Pay attention to offboarding

It won’t be immediately obvious, but paying attention to offboarding is very important. Make sure employees leave in the right way so that the name of good employer is maintained. Engage in conversation and find out what the reasons are for an employee leaving so that human resource management can be improved. Saying goodbye in the right way is indispensable for a sustainable employer!

Tip: Invest in employees and increase loyalty!

Are you finding it difficult as an employer to increase loyalty among employees? Then start with the advice above and find out what works for your organization. Loyalty cannot be taken for granted but it produces better results in the long run.

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