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Boost Employee Happiness:

Innovative Surveys with AI-Enhanced Analytics

At 2DAYSMOOD, our mission is crystal clear: We are dedicated to fostering a world where organizations flourish through the happiness of their employees. Understanding and nurturing your employees' moods is the cornerstone of creating a workplace where individuals feel valued, inspired, and genuinely content.


Here's what you can expect in 15 seconds

  • Our user-friendly employee interface ensures quick and enjoyable interaction.
  • Our scientifically-backed mood analysis and driver identification achieve an exceptional 99% customer retention rate.
  • Real-time data and advanced AI technology dissect open-ended employee comments, providing invaluable insights.

Key benefits for working with 2DAYSMOOD!

Happy employees are the linchpin of a thriving organization. They exhibit higher engagement, increased productivity, and unwavering loyalty. But how do you ensure your employees remain content? The answer lies in comprehending their moods and the underlying factors that drive them.

  • Culture Quantification: Easily assess your organizational culture using invaluable people data.
  • Advisory (AI) Module: Gain precise insights into where positive changes can be made based on specific feedback.
  • Holistic Upliftment: By elevating moods, you're not only amplifying happiness but also supercharging productivity, loyalty, and overall organizational success.
  • Scientifically validated: The 2DAYSMOOD methodology is science-based, and we have our own work psychologists.

Connect with Our Happiness Experts

Meet our dedicated team and discover how we can make an immediate impact on your organizational culture through our innovative technology. Experience our groundbreaking technology firsthand at our booth and share a smile with us. You can also book a meeting with our Employee Happiness experts to learn why the world is buzzing about 2DAYSMOOD. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of your organization's employee engagement – schedule an appointment with us at the Hannover Messe today!

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