Improve employee happiness with a 15 second survey

Most innovative organizations are already convinced: Employee Happiness (EH) at ensures business success. 2DAYSMOOD helps organizations to measure and optimize happiness at work.

Wat is the impact of employee happiness?

Fortunately, employee happiness no longer has a fluffy image. One of the main reasons for this is its proven positive impact on productivity (+45%), sales success (+37%) and innovation (+300%). Moreover, 39% of employees say that they would work harder if they were happy in their current position (Workplace Happiness Report 2017, One4all).

Now let’s briefly dig into the negative impact in case of a lack of employee happiness. According to research, unhappy, disengaged employees cost organizations 450 to 550 billion dollars a year (The Engagement Institute). Consider costs in the event of absence, burnouts, high personnel turnover or deteriorated job performance.

Reason enough to stimulate employee happiness in your teams! Here are 15 tips.


Work happiness in your organization leads to 80% less burnouts


With happy employees, sick leave is reduced by 66%

How can you manage employee happiness effectively?

Work happiness is a personal feeling of energy and pleasure that you experience at work. The formula that creates that feeling is different for everyone. That is why it is important to gain insight into what energizes you, your team, or your organization, and what makes you engaged and unique.

Happiness at work is measurable and that is important. An employee whose voice is heard at work is 4.6 times more likely to deliver his best performance (Salesforce). In collaboration with Utrecht University, we have identified 15 drivers of employee happiness and enclosed them in the Employee Happiness Model (EHM). We use the drivers as measurement variables in our data-driven feedback method and 15 second survey to effectively monitor and improve employee happiness.

Read 3 things you can do as a manager to improve employee happiness.

2DAYSMOOD is recommended by

Robin Gerritsen
Recruitment Director, Tempo Team

“Since we had this conversation with each other, the number of happy employees has risen from 66% to 80% in 5 months, and we continue to see a positive trend. A nice signal to our employees, and the basis of working in our department: work happiness!”


Measuring and improving employee happiness with 2DAYSMOOD

With the anonymous 15 second survey of 2DAYSMOOD, every employee can measure their happiness at work by capturing moods and personal drivers. Also the reasons for this feedback are taken into account. At the team, department and organizational level, the data (which remains anonymous) can be analyzed and compared. This process is fast and easy through our weekly reports and smart dashboards that show realtime scores and trends. For personal insight into work happiness there is an extra secure dashboard. The individual employee can view his or her own moods here to, for example, prepare for performance appraisals.

To support the improvement of employee happiness and personal leadership, we offer access to an E-learning environment. This online environment contains articles and videos with various scientific insights and practical tips to work with more positive energy every day.

Request a free demo or brochure and discover for yourself how you can measure in realtime!

Continuous insight in employee happiness?

This is possible with our super fast online survey, weekly reports, and realtime analysis dashboards. You can create your desired feedback loop at team, department and organization level.

What else can you do with 2DAYSMOOD? Think of monitoring stress levels, measuring employee engagement, calculating the employee Net Promoter Score, measuring vitality, and stimulating work happiness through e-learning. We are happy to show you all the options!

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