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Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about 2DAYSMOOD

At the start of 2DAYSMOOD or during the measurement, you or your employees may have some questions. Fortunately, we have got an answer to almost everything! 🙂

Do you have questions on how to get started with 2DAYSMOOD? Check out this step-by-step plan!




2DAYSMOOD is the owner of a quick and simple survey for measuring moods and drivers. As a partner of your organization, 2DAYSMOOD takes care of its implementation and execution. More information about 2DAYSMOOD can be found on our about us page.

Are there best practices from other organizations with 2DAYSMOOD?

2DAYSMOOD works with many organizations, large and small, in various sectors and countries. We are in close contact with them and learn from their experiences and needs. This way, we optimize our software and inspire new customers.

Through these customer stories and some interviews, you can read from the perspective of directors, HR managers, team leaders and partners how 2DAYSMOOD helps to create the best possible working climate in organizations.

What scientific basis does the measurement method have?

Our measurement method for measuring mood is based on the scientific model of the American psychologist Russell’s “The Circumplex Model of Emotional Classification”. The 2DAYSMOOD Employee Happiness model for measuring the drivers, is based on extensive literature research, existing MTO / MBOs and years of HR and organizational psychology expertise in the 2DAYSMOOD team. Both components have been validated in collaboration with the University of Utrecht and checked on completeness and applicability to the (international) working environment. Download our whitepaper on the scientific method of 2DAYSMOOD here for more information.



Implementing 2DAYSMOOD

How soon can we start with the implementation of 2DAYSMOOD?

We understand that, once you have opted for 2DAYSMOOD, you would like to start as soon as possible. This is no problem! In general, we are rolled out within 2 weeks. All we ask of you is to communicate internally the purpose and intention of starting 2DAYSMOOD (clear introduction and expectations) before we send out our welcome message and first survey. To guarantee a successful implementation, we have drawn up a step-by-step plan for a successful implementation.

How can I best prepare employees for the survey?
Are there any tools that help me implement 2DAYSMOOD?

We have manuals, templates, video tutorials and step-by-step plans available. These are shared at the start with 2DAYSMOOD. You can still request them via [email protected]. Our manuals are also available at all times via our Help & Education area (login to 2DAYSMOOD).



Privacy and Anonymity

How anonymous is the 2DAYSMOOD survey?

The survey is 100% anonymous and safe. This means that answers cannot be traced back to an individual. Please note: the results are shown at department or team level, including the open (mood) answers. With honest feedback we achieve better discussions and an (even) nicer, inspiring work environment.

What will be done with my data?

The tool stores the data anonymously. The data is processed and made available for analysis. The data can never be traced back to one individual. There must be at least 5 employees in a group for analysis. Your data will be kept together for your personal dashboard.

Does my supervisor have insight into the answers I give?

In 90% of the cases, companies choose to give executives access to the team results. Your manager will never have insight into your individual answers, but will see at team level what the mood percentages, satisfaction scores and open answers are.

Do I have insight into other people's results?

No, you have no insight into other people's personal, individual answers. Via the weekly report you can see the result of the collected moods within your team every Monday morning, if at least 5 participants (unless your organization determines otherwise) have answered.

Can't answers also be traced back to an individual by the filter options?

No, this is not possible. Answers can never be traced back to one specific individual. As soon as a possibly remaining answer group is too small, no data is displayed.

What data do I see in the weekly report? Can teams also see each other's data?

In the weekly mood report, employees see their own team and the entire organization as a group.

Depending on the preferred choice of the organization, employees with a 2DAYSMOOD manager role or employee role can get more access. They then gain insight into the results of all teams, intermediate organization layers and the organization as a whole group. This can be set by the internal 2DAYSMOOD administrator via "settings" in the administrator environment.



Participation in the survey

How does participation contribute to my personal development?

By answering the statements made by the 2DAYSMOOD survey, you quickly and easily gain insight into your mood and personal leadership. This can provide input for your evaluation interview or your own reflection, and insight into how you feel about certain matters. If you would like to take action and take responsibility for your own employee happiness, the personal dashboard offers you tips and exercises via the E-learning environment.

Am I obliged to participate in the 2DAYSMOOD survey?

No, you are certainly not obliged to participate in the survey. It is a user-friendly and reliable tool that also offers you self-insight. We would like to work together to improve the mood, involvement and job satisfaction, your input is also important for that.

If I do not want to participate, can this be traced back to me by my supervisor?

No, managers cannot see who did and who did not participate. They can see how many people participated in the survey, by means of a response percentage.

How can I stop my participation?

You can stop your participation at any time. With every invitation to participate in a survey or to receive a report from 2DAYSMOOD, you have the option to unsubscribe.

If I stop my participation, how long will my data be kept?

The personal data required to complete the 2DAYSMOOD survey are stored by default up to 4 months after the 2DAYSMOOD agreement with the employer. This is only deviated from if a different retention period has been explicitly agreed with the employer.

I have unsubscribed from participation. How can I register again?

You can register again at any time. Gladly even! Follow this step-by-step plan to reactivate your account yourself. Does not it work? Please contact the 2DAYSMOOD administrator(s) in your organization. They can ensure that your account is reactivated.

I am newly employed. When can I receive the first survey?

The 2DAYSMOOD administrator within your organization can register new employees in the system. Ask your HR contact person about this.

Which team am I part of in the reports?

In almost all cases this is the organizational structure and team structure of your organization. This is how the data is loaded into our structure. If this is not yet clear, please contact the 2DAYSMOOD administrator in your organization to check it.

Do participants need to install software to answer the survey or view the dashboard and reports?

No, it is not necessary to install software on your laptop / desktop. Participants receive a personal invitation via email to answer a survey or view the latest report. This invitation contains a link that is valid for one week. If the invitation has expired and you want to view the data, you can always log in to the dashboard via the login button on our website.

Would you like to complete the survey via your smartphone and receive a push message? Then it is smart to download the handy 2DAYSMOOD app from the app store. You can also access your dashboards via the app. You will find more information in this app installation manual.

Activate and Login

How do I activate my own 2DAYSMOOD account?

Go to https://2daysmood.eu/app/vue/login and click on the button "Activate account". You will now go to a login page, click here on the link "activate account". Enter the email address where you wish to receive our email in the new screen. Create a password to activate your 2DAYSMOOD account. From now on you can always log in via 2daysmood.

Is account activation required to participate?

No, activating an account is not a requirement to receive surveys. You will always receive this by e-mail or app. It is therefore optional to activate your own 2DAYSMOOD account. It is of course handy, because it allows you to view the weekly mood percentages of you and your team in the online dashboard or personal dashboard whenever you want.

Can I also log in to my personal dashboard from my work computer?

Yes, you can log in at any time via the log in button on 2daysmood.

Can I also log in to my personal dashboard from my work phone?

Yes, you can log in from your work mobile. Download the 2DAYSMOOD app from the Android or Apple App Store. After registering once, you can easily access your dashboard and / or reports via your phone. You will find more information in this app installation manual.

Filling in the survey

What good is it for me to complete the 2DAYSMOOD survey?

Your answers form the basis for actions and improvements. Both at the organizational level and at the team level. For this it is necessary that there are sufficient answers (at least 5, unless determined otherwise by your organization), otherwise no result will be shown. Your answer is of course still valuable for insights at the organizational level.

Does it make sense to take the survey if I'm on a small team?

It certainly makes sense to complete the survey, even if you are in a small team. Your results give you insight into your own mood, involvement and motivations and count towards the organization-wide insight.

My team is smaller than five people, how does that work?

Your team will not show a team dashboard, because you have less than 5 people in your team. (This number is necessary to ensure anonymity). However, each team member has insight into his or her own personal dashboard (provided this has been activated by the organization). Your feedback also counts in the results of the entire organization, which you will see in your dashboard (provided that access has been granted by your organization). So participation certainly pays off, even if your team is smaller than 5 people.

Will I receive the team mood report if I don't complete the survey myself?

If you have not unsubscribed, you will have insight into the team dashboard.

I entered my answer incorrectly today, can I still go back?

Once the survey has been completed and closed, it is no longer possible to change the answer. During the survey it is possible to go back via the back button at the top left and change the answer.

If I am not working on the day of the survey, can I complete it later?

If you happen to not be working on the day of the survey, feel free to enter another day of that week when you are at work.

If I'm on vacation, can I complete the survey later?

You can join the 2DAYSMOOD survey at any time and participate (again). You can skip a number of weeks. When you participate in a survey that lasts several weeks, you will receive all open questions in the last week to "catch up with any backlog". Your vote will only count towards the week in which you enter it. It is not possible to enter your answers for one-off surveys.

I am in a self-managing team. How should I interpret questions about my "direct manager" or "supervisor"?

If the survey has just started, you as a team define how you will answer these questions. If there is no immediate manager or person with the role of manager or supervisor on the team, you can decide to interpret it as "my colleagues". Because you are all equally responsible for the duties and responsibilities that a manager or supervisor of the team would have.

If multiple surveys are sent out in the same week, will employees receive multiple emails per week?

You cannot activate multiple surveys on the same day. But you could, for example, activate a poll for Monday and Wednesday. This would mean that employees receive two surveys in one week if employees are in both target groups. If both surveys contain a mood question, these two moods count together in the team's weekly report.

Filling in the mood question

My mood / emotion is not listed, what should I enter?

A button is visible in the first step of the survey among the 8 emotions shown. Multiple options for emotion are displayed here or you can describe your feeling in one word. You also have the option to explain your mood at the last step of the survey, the closing cartoon or quote, if you wish. Here you see a button at the top right.

When answering the mood question, I chose 'my mood is not listed'. Where can I find the chosen mood?

The moods that you see in a list after clicking on "you could not find your mood" can be divided into the same quadrants of our mood model as the 8 basic emotions. Our model is based on Russell’s circumplex model of emotional classification (scientific model), and originally consists of the same emotions as in this list. In our model you see a simplified version (8 emotions), but so there are several emotions to choose from within the quadrants. That way, your input does count if you choose a mood other than our 8 from the list.

If you state your own mood in the open text box, your mood will be classified as neutral and will not fall within any of the quadrants. This input is used as feedback for the organizational psychologists within 2DAYSMOOD to improve the model.

I find it difficult to classify my mood in one emotion, what should I fill in?

Understandably, it is difficult at first to portray your mood in just one emotion. Maybe you haven't thought about how you feel at work before and you need to familiarize yourself with your emotions first. You may also feel several emotions at the same time. You may be very tired, but the work gives you energy again. Just dwelling on this internal discussion will help you get to know and understand your emotions better.

In the end try to make a conscious choice. Zoom out and choose, for example, the emotion that predominates the most this week or about which you would like to discuss with your team.

I enter my mood one day a week, isn't that a snapshot?

Because you and your colleagues regularly fill in your mood, it will always eventually average itself towards an overall mood trend over time. Snapshots such as the weekly report - showing the mood of that specific week - make it easier to compare with the general trend over time. Noticeable outliers and possible causes can be detected immediately and you can learn from them. So see the weekly report as a learning moment, and especially focus on the general mood trend within your team.

You can also agree with the team that everyone will fill in his / her general mood for that week, instead of the mood for that day. For example, the mood results in the weekly report are automatically less dependent on snapshots.

Would you like to measure mood more often? Then you can always increase the frequency of the mood question.

Do I have to include my private circumstances in my mood?

Private circumstances can influence how you feel at work, but can also indirectly influence how colleagues feel. After all, emotions are contagious. So it is always good to discuss your feelings. So you don't have to separate your feelings. Fill in honestly how you feel at that moment. Is it related to your private life? Then you can always add this as a note via the open text field "do you want to explain why you feel that way" in one of the next steps in the survey. It is good to create an open culture as a team, manager or HR manager in which you and your colleagues dare and can be open. Something may be private, but the mood of one colleague can also ignite other colleagues. If you do not discuss this or resolve this with each other, it can eventually lead to more dissatisfaction or even stress.

Can I explain my chosen mood?

Yes, you can always explain your emotion. Companies often choose to ask this as an in-depth question after choosing the emotion. If not, you will find in the cartoon or quote (the last step in the survey) an open text area "do you want to explain why you feel that way?". Here you can further explain the reason for your feeling. This feedback will be displayed anonymously, including in a word cloud, in the team's online dashboard.

Interpreting results

How can I best read the results?

An essential question! We understand this can be tricky. For example, what does 25% stress mean? Read our knowledge document "From data to interpretation to strategic actions" to understand how you can interpret and use the results.

How can I best anticipate or respond to bad scores?

No score is "wrong". Scores provide a signal for where attention is needed. Everyone is responsible, so share your results with the team, and perhaps with other teams, manager or HR to jointly determine what is needed and what can be done to get a more positive score.

Don't I have to do anything if our scores are positive?

Keep it up! Compliment the team, celebrate together and be proud. Positive scores are also valuable to mention. By emphasizing that the scores in your team are good, you awaken more positive emotions. In the meantime, keep an eye on things and make this a topic for discussion in order to maintain positive scores. Why do you score positively? Can you share this with other teams?

Which drivers are the most important?

Drivers of which the degree of satisfaction (current situation) and degree of importance (desired situation) are far apart, are important drivers. This is where the most (positive) change can be achieved. In addition, does the degree of importance score close to 5? Then this is a motivation that according to the employees has a lot of impact on job satisfaction and commitment. Always pay attention to this!

Participation and Response Rate

How can I encourage the use of the tool among employees?

Feedback is the key to success! Making 2DAYSMOOD visible within the organization is also important. This can be done in a playful way through stress balls or pastries with 2DAYSMOOD smileys on them, or by clearly linking an action taken to the insights from 2DAYSMOOD, so that employees see that their feedback is being listened to.

How can I make employees enthusiastic to participate in the survey?

Make it clear why you as a director, HR or team leader find it important and what your intention is when the results are collected. From the moment the measurements are started, it is crucial that follow-up takes place. Discuss the insights (at team level), draw up your own action plan and make employees co-responsible. Read our guide "How to successfully implement 2DAYSMOOD in teams" for tips.

I see a different response percentage in my weekly report and the heat map, how is this possible?

The weekly report is refreshed every 30 minutes on Monday morning between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM. The weekly report is therefore not live. The online dashboard always shows the results in real time, so it is possible that the data in the Monday weekly report deviates from the online dashboard.

Personal dashboard

Why do I have a personal dashboard?

Our mission is to inspire everyone within an organization - employees, teams, managers, leadership team, HR - to take responsibility for a positive and committed work climate. The personal dashboard supports you in taking that responsibility for your own employee happiness and engagement. Every employee has access to his / her personal dashboard.

Why am I asked how I feel at work when I enter the dashboard?

The purpose of this question is to give you the opportunity to record and explain your mood at work. This question adds value to the voting question in the regular survey. In the personal dashboard there is the possibility to choose more than one emotion.

You can also indicate the reasons for your vote. By following these detailed responses over time, awareness is created and you can recognize which reasons for your mood, if any, need to be changed, addressed and / or discussed with your manager. Answering the question about your mood at work in the personal dashboard is optional. If this is not answered, the analysis in the personal dashboard is based on the answers from the regular survey.

When and how can I access the dashboard?

The personal dashboard is always accessible. Access to the dashboard is via a link in the weekly report or via the login option in the online dashboard. When you open the personal dashboard for the first time, you will be asked to create a username and password.

Who can access my personal dashboard?

Only you have access to your personal dashboard. Of course you are free to share the dashboard with colleagues and / or supervisors, but if you do not want to share the dashboard, then the personal dashboard is only for your own use.

Survey settings

Which survey is the best to activate, how do I make a choice?

Use the baseline measurement to discover which substantive drivers require further attention. More insight can help you to take the right interventions and actions, consider whether and which survey questions will give you the information you think you need for effective follow-up. Only ask questions that you think are useful or appropriate to the work situation.

It is also a choice to temporarily not send a vote or an in-depth survey, for example during a holiday period. Sometimes a break can also be welcome and give future participation a boost!

Setting up a baseline measurement every six months to chart the status quo and changes, in combination with an eNPS demand every quarter, is also a good strategy. As long as there is a strategy and employees are informed.

How can you adjust your preferred language?

Employees can adjust their preferred language themselves via the personal dashboard and via the weekly report. In user settings (top right). The administrator can also do this in the administrator environment.

We have employees / offices in different time zones, can I respond to this?

Yes, there are several ways to take this into account.

  • Option 1: you choose a time for sending the survey that is suitable for each time zone.
  • Option 2: you classify the organizational structure based on time zones (group level 1). Surveys can then easily be set up for the different groups, at different times. If it concerns a baseline measurement, 2DAYSMOOD can merge the results afterwards, so that it can be compared in one heat map.
  • Option 3: We create different company accounts for each time zone. These company accounts will then be placed under one parent account. Advantage: each account has its own time zone that is taken into account, so you do not have to calculate the correct time of sending yourself. Disadvantage: you can only see the baseline measurement results on an aggregated level.
Can I also add or remove employees from a group while setting up a survey?

Yes, the desired group of employees can be selected when setting up a survey. This can be done by selecting a specific department or team and / or by selecting individual email addresses. Even if a survey is already running, the defined group can be adjusted via the "edit" button in the survey list.

Why can't I delete an account?

To save historical data for analysis in the dashboard. During his working period, the employee has been part of the company and therefore part of the insights. It also wants to prevent employees from unsubscribing and then deciding to participate again. The account can then easily be reactivated.

Can I still edit a current survey?

Yes, current surveys can be modified via the "edit" button in the survey list. It is possible to adjust the frequency, survey day, time and selected group. You can also add questions to a survey. Deleting questions in an ongoing survey affects the duration and can cause problems. In this case, consult a 2DAYSMOOD expert via [email protected].

Can I choose my own cartoons?

We have a library of cartoons, you can select one or more cartoon providers through the administrator section. You can also choose to upload your own cartoons, videos or images and show them in the survey. This makes it fun and personal!

If I 'stop' a current survey, is the recently sent survey still valid for that week?

No, once stop is clicked, users will no longer be able to answer the outstanding survey. So let's say there is a mood poll with no end date on every Tuesday, and you want to set up a different polling module for the next Tuesday. Then it is best to set the mood poll to "stop" the day before the new mood survey is released (Monday) and set the new survey module for the day after.

Error Messages and Blocks

The e-mails from 2DAYSMOOD do not arrive or end up in the junk mail box. What can I do about it?

Depending on the reason, it is important that action is taken to ensure that your response rate is representative and employees who incorrectly do not receive surveys receive them again.

  1. Is the employee out of service? Change the status in the user's account from "active" to "closed". This means that this user no longer counts in the answer percentage.
  2. Is there a typo in the email address? Change the status of this account from "active" to "closed" and manually re-add the new user via Users> Add Users.
  3. Has the employee just been hired, and was his mail account not yet activated internally at the time of loading into the 2DAYSMOOD system? As a result, the welcome message could not reach anywhere and he blocks the email address. Send an email to [email protected] and we will remove the block.
  4. A user may be blocked because he / she marked @2daysmood.nl as spam. Ask the user if he or she definitely doesn't want to participate in the surveys anymore. If so, set this person's account to "closed" status. Have you been able to convince the employee of the value of his feedback and does he want to participate again? Send an email with the email address to [email protected]. We will remove the block.
Users cannot access their dashboard, how is this possible?

The weekly report on Monday provides a temporary link, which is valid for one week. You cannot access the dashboard directly from older reports. You can always log in via the login button on www.2daysmood.com.

Users do not see any data, how is this possible?

Check whether the time period is set correctly. Is there "too few answers to guarantee anonymity"? Then it means that less than 5 answers were given by unique users in the selected period. Increase the time period and encourage employees / colleagues to complete the measurements.

I do not receive a verification code during the installation of the mobile app, how is this possible?

It is necessary that you register with your work email. Unless your organization has asked you to use your private email or telephone number. Are you still not receiving anything? Send an email to [email protected].

My account has been blocked when logging in, what now?

After entering the wrong password 5 times, your account will be automatically blocked. Send an email to [email protected] to have your account unblocked.

More moods were chosen (multiple answers given) than the response percentage shows in the weekly report. How is this possible?

If more than 1 survey has been conducted, users can have chosen an emotion twice, making it appear that more emotions have been chosen than is possible with the response percentage.

Data and System Security

Do you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Dutch law?

Yes, we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and also with Dutch law. We have external reviews to make sure we are up to standard.

How well-secured is the 2DAYSMOOD survey?

Users receive a unique link via email or SMS that is valid for one week to participate in the survey or view a report. It is therefore not necessary to use a login with password for most users. The exception is the "Administrator": a password is required to manage users and schedule surveys. All data is stored encrypted. It is stored in a data center with all required security standards.

How is the data stored securely by 2DAYSMOOD?

All data is stored encrypted. Unless it has been agreed that we will use a "private cloud" of the customer, the survey data is stored in a data center in the EU for customers in the EU and in the USA for customers in the USA, with all required security standards. The data centers we use are from Google Cloud Services, which company fully complies with the GDPR standards and is (among other things) also a certified signer of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework regarding the collection, use and storage of personal information from the EEA , the UK and Switzerland.

We also use the services of a third party (Twilio Sendgrid) to send emails and SMS, which also fully complies with the GDPR standards and is also a certified signer of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. Our core software has been developed by ourselves and is managed by us. 2DAYSMOOD complies with the GDPR standards and the Dutch GDPR legislation. We have external reviews to make sure we comply with the above.

Who is responsible for the data security of 2DAYSMOOD?

Martin Meulenkamp, data protection officer, is responsible for data security. The scope also includes human processes and technical aspects.

How much experience does 2DAYSMOOD have with regard to data security?

We are a company that understands that security is very important. That is why we spend a relatively large amount of time to ensure that all processes are secure and that our information systems are secure. Security and audit expertise is available through our CTO (Jan Pronk) who was previously responsible for the IT software and infrastructure of a global financial institution in the Benelux. We are assisted by external specialists for specific subjects.

How are backups organized at 2DAYSMOOD?

We have a database with automatic failover, incremental backups and binary logging. A full backup is made every day of which the latest version is retained.

What can we expect in the event of a break-down?

We have an automatic failover for all services. In the event of a disaster, we have a disaster recovery plan with steps, contacts and responsibilities. Our main services are expected to be ready within 4 hours.

What other security measures does 2DAYSMOOD take?

We have policies for new hires, leavers, workstation coding, data classification, roles and responsibilities, and how data can be shared with customers. We run small sessions to make sure everyone understands and follows them. We have regular reviews of our processes and security by a third party (ZorgTTP). Regarding software: software is first tested before it goes live.

If I stop using 2DAYSMOOD, how long will the data be saved?

The personal data required to conduct a survey is stored by default up to 4 months after the 2DAYSMOOD agreement with the employer. This is only deviated from if a different retention period has been explicitly agreed with the employer.

Which data is stored in the 2DAYSMOOD system?

We only need an email or phone number to be able to send surveys to participants. All other user information (gender, date of birth, hiring date, region and department) is optional. All data is stored encrypted. Data to be decrypted has a secondary key stored in a separate database server.

Do you share customer information with other parties?

No, we do not share information with third parties.

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