Quick Scan: what drives Employee Happiness in your team?

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By Mare Derks | February 13, 2020

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Quick Scan to kickstart Employee Happiness in your team!

As a team leader, HR manager or CEO, you have probably come across at least one of the following trends and issues in te labor market: the war on talent, stress and burnouts, talent-based work, sustainable employability, differences between millennials and babyboomers, work-life balance and the search for purpose in a job.

The way you, as a leader, handle these topics, impacts how (potential) employees choose who to work for or be loyal to.

Therefore it is now, more than ever, beneficial for companies to create and maintain positive work environments. Guided by innovative leaders who actively contribute to the happiness of their employees. So start today in your own team!

Why team leaders measure Employee Happiness continuously

“We all want to work with pleasure! Therefore, as the manager of two sales teams, I want to know how things are going with my employees’  satisfaction and happiness. In addition to personal contact, I get this information by using 2DAYSMOOD. The tool is not a substitute, but a very useful addition. In a few seconds a week, my employees share anonymously how they feel and why. The team results are clearly visible in online reports.

By initiating a discussion with the teams about the outcomes, underlying causes become clear. With this we can actually get to work together to further improve the working climate. The active follow-up ensures that the willingness to participate remains high, and that is the best proof of the added value of 2DAYSMOOD.

In summary, the tool is therefore short but powerful for me!”

– Erik Caris, Manager Sales, Infoland

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