Welcome happiness ambassador!

You have chosen to work with 2DAYSMOOD in your organization. That makes us proud! You show guts, responsibility and have an innovative view on good employership. With 2DAYSMOOD you are guiding your organization in a positive culture change: people-oriented and data-driven! On the pages below you will find help with getting started, questions or actions in your team.

The faces behind 2DAYSMOOD

In the start-up process you must have been in contact with one of our team members several times. Robin van der Meulen is our Strategic Happiness Expert and your first point of contact. Do you still want to reach another team member? Use our general e-mail address [email protected] and your question will end up in the right place.

P.S. We think it is important to inspire each other and other companies with positive organizational cultures! So if you have ideas or questions for internal and external communication, we would love to hear them from you. Do you want to present your organization as an innovative and good employer? We enjoy creating content together (blogs, interviews, videos, …) to inspire your colleague or other professionals in our field!