The story of a technology company

How 2DAYSMOOD helped improve the eNPS  from -80 to -11! 

The Challenge

At a technology company (84 employees) that had just started with 2DAYSMOOD, the baseline measurement of engagement unfortunately showed very poor results. The company turned out to have an overall eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) of -28. One department even showed a score of -80 on eNPS, meaning that 80% of their employees were detractors (they would NOT recommend their company as an employer to others)! The director decided that this could no longer go on and that something had to change.

80% of the employees would NOT recommend their company as an employer to others

2DAYSMOOD Added Value

Based on the 2DAYSMOOD baseline measurement results, the director introduced an open-door policy. Everyone was now allowed to just walk into his office whenever, and he made sure that he was more visible and involved in the workplace. In addition, he started having sincere and transparent conversations with his employees. He honestly and openly shared the (unfortunate) results of the baseline measurement with his colleagues in the management team with the message: ‘Something has to change!’  

The Outcome

During that year, the director frequently sent out the eNPS survey to see whether there were any positive changes in the organization. After one year, the overall eNPS score was already improved from -28 to -14! The one department that initially scored -80 on eNPS even improved their eNPS score to -11. The 2DAYSMOOD data made it possible to detect low eNPS scores in time and see which teams had the most detractors. With this information the director could take rigorous action right away and create more ambassadors for his organization

the overall employee Net Promoter Score was already improved from -28 to -14

Image: the eNPS of the department visible in the realtime dashboard of 2DAYSMOOD, via an anonymous eNPS survey

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