Happy employees are healthier, more creative, more productive and contribute to a positive business performance. All the more reason to invest in this, but how do you do it the right way? What makes someone feel happy at work, what can you do as an organization and how do you measure the impact? All reasonable questions that Krista, 2daysmood and Kickwerkt will answer during the inspiration session.

We would like to introduce you to Krista!

Hi Krista, it’s nice to join forces. Before we start, we always like to ask an important question: How do you feel at work today?

Well, great that you ask ? with this question I can immediately tackle a few misunderstandings… some people have the idea that if you focus on happiness you will never have or can have an ‘off day’. Or that you’re having a party with your colleagues all day long…

I also like the fact that we are going to work together! What does happiness at work mean to me: I get energized from having various projects and experiencing new things. For that reason, entrepreneurship also fits me well. The fact that we are now organizing the workshop together matches perfectly with those aspects.

In 2016 you decided, in addition to your Expert role as a Communication Consultant, to specialize in employee happiness. Why did you make this decision?

That is correct, I came to the point that I thought: OK, what’s next. I worked for years as an Interim Communication Consultant and noticed that I was ready to take the next step. I quickly realized that the projects I got a lot of energy from, were all related to the pleasure people derived from their work. At that moment I decided to completely specialize in the area of employee happiness. For example, I have followed the masterclass ‘The Return on Happiness’ at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Onno Hamburger taught me his ‘Gelukkig Werken’ (Working Happily) method for (team)coaches.

Can you briefly tell us what you do as an Employee Happiness Expert?

At the moment I am working on very different things. Currently, I am rounding off my work at a government organization where I helped with the improvement of their internal customer focus. I also teach doctors who are just starting their careers and I am regularly asked to give a workshop or inspiration session. Moreover, I have the ambition to write a book this year, next to my daily business. (Actually, have it written by the end of this year. I have not done this before and I already notice that it is difficult to make time for this. So, I’m going to figure out how this will work the best for me, so that the book will really be finished at the end of the year.)

What is the biggest challenge you have encountered or seen in organizations concerning employee happiness?

The biggest challenge is that it is still a relatively new topic for organizations, that can be influenced. It is funny that everyone does have an idea of ‘happiness at work’, but hardly anybody really sees the importance of taking action. While in retrospect, no management will be in favor of being unhappy at work. If you look at the burn-out rates in The Netherlands, you can see that there is still a lot to improve in organizations!

There is certainly a lot to do, the question from managers is often where to start. That is why we provide real-time insights into the engagement and happiness of employees to managers, so they can take the right actions. With our survey and services in mind, along with the chance to work with you, it goes without saying that we are curious about what you think is an impactful, yet simple, action that every HR Manager can undertake to increase the level of employee happiness in his/her organization?

Quite honestly, to make sure you are feeling happy yourself as well. For example, I see many companies in which the (HR) managers are continually feeling stressed. Short-term stress is not bad, but everybody also needs to relax so that you can then recharge. Happiness at work has a lot to do with taking responsibility and accountability for your own happiness and making choices that are good for you. If you do that yourself, you will be an inspiration to your team and you can sincerely motivate and encourage people in your environment to do the same.

Exactly! ‘ Happiness is contagious ‘ is what we always say! If you could look 5 years into the future, what do you see happening in the field of employee happiness in organizations? Is it ‘ just ‘ a hype or do you see a positive trend in paying more attention to this topic?

I see both at the moment. There are companies that respond to current events and those may follow another ‘hype’ in 5 years’ time. But I also believe that it is a positive, sustainable trend that continues. Companies that focus on effective employment practices already have a big competitive advantage. For example, research done by a large company specialized in employee feedback has shown that the best employers receive 50% more applications. If more and more companies pay attention to employee happiness and effective employment practices; would people then choose to work for an organization where that is not the case?

Thank you for your insights! Is there anything else you would like to share with our followers?

A tip for everyone, immerse yourself in the topic of happiness at work! Visit a workshop or an event, read books or watch YouTube videos. As soon as you know more about it, you can also take an active role, make a positive contribution and create a snowball effect.