Discover the Power of 2DAYSMOOD Technology

Our renowned technology, 2DAYSMOOD, has been meticulously crafted to achieve just that. In just 15 seconds, it discreetly assesses employee moods and rapidly identifies the factors influencing these emotions in real-time. We harness the science of human emotions to provide you with actionable insights.


Here's what you can expect in 15 seconds

  • Our user-friendly employee interface ensures quick and enjoyable interaction.
  • Our scientifically-backed mood analysis and driver identification achieve an exceptional 99% customer retention rate.
  • Real-time data and advanced AI technology dissect open-ended employee comments, providing invaluable insights.

Explore Partnership Opportunities with 2DAYSMOOD!

Alongside experiencing our innovative employee engagement technology at CES, we introduce partnership opportunities to elevate your business:

  • Consulting Companies: Collaborate with 2DAYSMOOD to enhance your services with real-time mood and culture analytics. Create consulting services around our data and explore white-label opportunities.
  • Tech Companies: Expand your offerings by integrating the 2DAYSMOOD platform, delivering added value to your clients and generating extra revenue streams. Consider developing APIs for seamless integration.
  • New Market Partnerships: 2DAYSMOOD is open to discussions about entering new global markets and forging vertically integrated partnerships. Join us in expanding market share and impacting specific industries or communities.

Connect with Our Happiness Experts

Meet our dedicated team and discover how we can make an immediate impact on your organizational culture through our innovative technology. Experience our groundbreaking technology firsthand at our booth and share a smile with us. You can also book a meeting with our Global Managing Partner, Dr. Marvin Deitz, or meet our co-founder, Jan Pronk, to learn why the world is buzzing about 2DAYSMOOD. Don't miss this opportunity to shape the future of your organization's employee engagement – schedule an appointment with us at the CES Show today!

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